El Paso, TX

Thursday, June, 15th 2017

  • Location: El Paso, TX (Buy One Get One Free)
  • Venue: EL Paso Marriott
  • 1600 Airway Blvd.
    EL Paso , TX 79925
  • Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Contact Name: David Hodge
  • Phone : (770) 638-3444
  • Email: dhodge@startchurch.com
  • Registration : $109.00
  • Manual : $29.00
  • Hotel Phone : (915) 779-3300
  • Parking: Complimentary





Event Description

A dynamic, one-day conference designed to empower you with the knowledge you need to protect your church or ministry, minimize your taxes and ensure that you stay in good graces with the IRS!

The Conference: The Ultimate Church Structure Conference began in October 2006 in response to the many pastors and ministry leaders that expressed a need for a conference like this. For years, ministers and leaders pleaded with us to put together a teaching session where they could come and learn the essentials for operating their church or ministry according to best practices. They wanted to be in compliance with the IRS and the state while maintaining church sovereignty. We listened, and the result is an intensive, all-day event that empowers pastors and other ministry leaders to protect their churches and ministries, maximize ministerial income, minimize taxes...AND avoid problems with the IRS.

Who should attend:

This conference is especially critical for pastors, board members, trustees, administrators, advisors, bookkeepers, treasurers...anyone with responsibility for the business of the ministry, whether it is a church or an evangelistic ministry.

What You Will Get:

As a participant in the Ultimate Church Structure Conference, you will get:

  • A full day of intensive, empowering information. This is essential information that you simply cannot do without. The problem is that you are unlikely to hear this anywhere else. Why? Well, the answer is pretty stark: For the most part, the legal and accounting professions have completely overlooked the needs of the church and ministry community. It is not a profit center for them. As a result, most pastors and churches do not have the knowledge they need to take full advantage of the benefits available to them. And even more worrisome is that most churches unknowingly violate IRS code on a regular basis...something that in this day of ever-increasing IRS scrutiny is very dangerous indeed.
  • A 250-page conference manual for take-home reference. Additionally, the manual is internet linked so that you can go home and download nearly 300 pages of the needed forms, sample minutes, church policies, and more that you will use to get in compliance. The conference manual is your take-home resource for more in-depth discussion of the topics covered, bonus information concerning important topics we cannot take time to cover in the session, as well as exhibits, templates, blank forms...tons of stuff...that will make your utilization of the information learned a lot easier. Our conference manual is worth the price of the conference many times over!
  • A great lunch...on us! That's right...we don't just feed your brain and spirit, we give you an excellent meal followed by a wonderful dessert.
  • The opportunity to meet and network with other church leaders in your area and across the nation. Attendees have told us time and again how much they appreciate the chance to get to know other churches and ministries in their area. We often see attendees still mingling and trading business cards more than an hour after the conference ends.
  • The opportunity to dialogue face to face with members of the Startchurch staff, as well as with Raul Rivera, about questions pertaining to YOUR church or ministry. Because Startchurch has always been a company with a strong focus on ministry to and relationship with the pastors and leaders it serves, we greatly value the opportunity to talk face to face with attendees.

What You Will Learn

  • How to maximize the unique financial benefits available to ministers
  • The compliance requirements you cannot afford to get wrong
  • The secrets to avoiding the IRS danger zone
  • Why starting a CDC (Community Development Corp) could be the best move your church makes this year
  • And much, much more...

New Information

In a recent conversation with one of the top four IRS agents in the exempt organizations unit, we discovered new information concerning Minister Licensing, the size of the church and new intermediate sanctions that will affect churches. We will share this information at the conference.

Did you know that cash offerings are no longer tax deductible unless new guidelines are met?

Newly Updated Materials That You Will Learn

  • New housing allowance rules have made it more complicated
  • What to do about lost minutes, and
  • Why certain clauses need to be in your bylaws
  • How paying the pastor a stipend or just a housing allowance is not legal
  • How to protect the church board from a lawsuit or from IRS fines
  • How to create a salary compensation package
  • Church exemptions from payroll tax
  • How to save thousands of dollars every year on your tax return
  • The purpose of the W-9
  • Whether or not a guest speaker gets a 1099
  • What to do if you have a foreign guest speaker and how to use a foreign treaty exemption
  • How to prepare W-2 and W-3 forms
  • How to prepare 1099-MISC and 1096 forms
  • End of year reporting
  • Why churches break the law when they pay a guest speaker cash out of the offering
  • How to set up love offerings for the pastor
  • The new requirements for issuing contribution receipts. Cash offerings may no longer be deductible
  • Internal Revenue Code Section 7611 and your ministry website; avoid the pitfalls
  • How to prepare a tax return for a minister under IRS special rules
  • How to create a system to count the weekly tithes and offerings
  • Understanding new IRS penalties and sanctions on churches
  • Creating an accountable reimbursement plan according to IRS regulations
  • How to create a benevolence program
  • When the IRS can start an inquiry against the church and non profit organization