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There are many ways that an organization can judge its success. Here at StartCHURCH, we measure our success according to how well we are serving people and making them feel honored through the compliance process. The most important score we keep has to do with people giving us positive feedback on how they have enjoyed working with us. Below is just a small sampling of the 1,000's of testimonies we have received from StartCHURCH clients.

This conference is not only about information, but it is an eye opener. Thank you and God bless you.

Gilberto A.

It was a great and rewarding conference that everyone, all over the world, should attend.

Daisyetta M.

Fantastic speaker, I was not bored, and it was explained very well. I can see and feel the love you have for The Lord's work and helping others. God bless you in all you do.

Gloria H.

This conference enlightened and informed me to restructure the way our church operates and inspired me to get right and stay right. The absolute best church conference I've attended.

Larry D.

The conference was an unexpected eye-opening experience! We felt truly blessed! Thank you for all the hard work!

Pastor Ricky M.

A little more time on or a handout on "register once attend twice" so we can plan to attend the upcoming session, I want to hear it all again. Great conference! I have learned so much and I know our church will benefit as we make plans to relaunch our church a year or so from now! Thanks so much.

Sean D.

This conference is necessary for every ministry leader who wants to be empowered to maximize the church's leverage and vision. This was informational, timely, relevant, and useful.

Pastor Marshall N.

Awesome Ministry. Instilling the confidence in me to move forward in confidence and assurance that I can be successful-long term, without it I would probably be discouraged.

Rayford J.

Very informative, so helpful filling in my gaps of knowledge. StartCHURCH helped us get started, could not have done it otherwise.

John B.

This conference was powerful, life-changing, inspiring, first class, and a must need for every ministry.

Pastor Lavert F.