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Today's churches and ministries face many challenges, not the least of which is a growing and hostile legislative culture. Now more than ever, pastors and ministry leaders need accurate advice from attorneys who are familiar with the needs of ministries. When pastors and ministry leaders need legal support, they can access the StartCHURCH Attorney Network.

The Legal Advice You Need

With the StartCHURCH Attorney Network, you can access attorneys who understand the legal needs of faith-based organizations. Now you can get the legal advice you need by simply accessing the Attorney Network online. We’ve made it easy for you to have private, one-on-one conversations with attorneys in your area who are dedicated to helping churches and ministries.

Benefits of the StartCHURCH Attorney Network:

  • Lower attorney fees
  • Save time searching for attorneys
  • Attorney-on-call
  • Eliminate costly mistakes
  • Pre-vetted, trusted advice
Where can I find an attorney?

At StartCHURCH, we have already done the vetting process for you. Each attorney in our network has gone through a rigorous, multiple-point test, submitted to a personal interview with our Chief Legal Counsel. You can save time, money, and heartache by using the StartCHURCH Attorney Network to select the right attorney for you!



Each attorney in our network has been interviewed, vetted, and approved to meet the rigorous StartCHURCH guidelines.



Each attorney in our network has demonstrated skills, experience, and accomplishments in his or her legal focus areas.



Your circumstances are kept in the strictest of confidence, providing you with a safe place to freely discuss the issues at hand.

Get legal advice today!

Don't wait for a crisis to arise. As written in Proverbs, "a prudent man foresees danger and takes refuge..." Click the button below to gain access to the StartCHURCH Attorney Network. The best way to endure a storm is to be ready before it comes.

Join the network

Join the network

Sign up for the StartCHURCH Attorney Network directly through our website. For just $39 a month, you can access the network and post as many legal issues as needed.

Tell the story

Tell your story

As a member, you can post your issue on a private message board that only attorneys in your state can see. Attorneys in your state will contact you to learn more about your situation.

Choose an attorney

Choose an attorney

After discussing your issue with viable attorneys, you can choose which attorney is best for you. Should your issue require legal action, the attorney will provide his or her services to you at 25% off the attorney's published rate.

Which states does the network serve?

At StartCHURCH, we want to help every pastor find the right attorney for his or her particular situation. Our goal is to serve all 50 states. We are currently serving the states in green.

Attorney Network map of states that we serve

If your state isn't covered and you would like us to develop a network in that state, please reach out to us and let us know.

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Affordable pricing

Many pastors and ministry leaders expect attorney advice to be expensive. However, with StartCHURCH, you can be a StartCHURCH Attorney Network member today for only $39 per month! Get the peace of mind you need for less than $1.50 per day.


$ 39 / mo
Whether you choose to use it for yourself or for your organization, the StartCHURCH Attorney Network offers the same great resources. With our Attorney Network, you can access useful services such as:
  • Contract Review
  • Legal Letter Writing
  • Entity Formation
  • Intellectual Property Agreements (copyrights and trademarks)
  • Employment Law
  • Tax Advice
Are you prepared?

Most churches and ministries will encounter the need for legal advice within the next year. Are you prepared? With the StartCHURCH Attorney Network, you can be sure to protect what God has called you to lead.

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