There are many ways that an organization can judge its success. Here at StartCHURCH, we measure our success according to how well we are serving people and making them feel honored through the compliance process. The most important score we keep has to do with people giving us positive feedback on how they have enjoyed working with us. Below is just a small sampling of the 1,000's of testimonies we have received from StartCHURCH clients.

They stuck with us and gave us great guidance and have helped us to make some really good choices.

Ricky Temple
Overcoming by Faith Ministries
Savannah, GA

Man, thank you for taking the time to hear my story and relate to me. Wow! How long have you guys been around? This (UCS) sounds like a machine. You guys really have thought of everything. I feel like you just gave me a crash course in Business 101. I wish my pastor heard about you guys years ago!

Thomas Goggans
Legacy of Christ
Bronx, NY

Glory to the Lord. First Faith Baptist Church is very pleased to inform you that we have received the Approval letter from IRS. Thanks for the outstanding, courteous, and professional service that you have provided us. Blessings to you and all the wonderful staff at StartCHURCH.

Nelson Pharreaux
First Faith Baptist Church
Brooklyn, NY

Thank you so much for your prompt response and professionalism. You treated me with patience and kindness and I will not forget that. As bad as I hate to "render to Ceaser" I want to live with integrity. Thank you for your advocacy of pastors and supporting the church through legal eyes that protect her from disgrace. I appreciate you exercising your gifts of administration for the Kingdom!

Clay Willis
Church at Catoosa
Ringgold, GA

I just praise God for StartChurch, the founder and the people who work there!

Pastor Howard Jepson
Never the Less Always the More Church
Fort Worth, TX

It has been a challenge getting information together since English isn't my first language. I don't really speak English and feel overwhelmed. I have been very nervous about how I am going to be able to proceed due to the language barrier, however I feel much more at ease after speaking with you. Thank you for being willing to help me with my questions and helping me get the right information in. I feel peace moving forward now.

Pastor Alfredo Licardie
Iglesia de Cristo Sendero de Esperanza
Lehigh Acres, FL

I'm very grateful for startCHURCH and the service you provide. I'm so thankful to have contacted you for you all have been a terrific blessing in my life. Thank you for your patience. I appreciate your service!

Felix Garcia
Independent Church of Christ
Midwest City, OK

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything that you all have done for us and for your great patience with me. Anyway, I see that you all have products and services that I may take advantage of in the future. Again THANK YOU!!!

Pastor Gregory Adams
The Light Church
Cincinnati, OH

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all your help. Thank your team also, you guys have made a process that I thought would be the hardest thing in the world very easy. So thank you so much!

Reverend Cynthia Vanalstyne
The Gathered Remnant Ministries
Shenactady, NY

Thank you for all of your positive efforts towards kingdom business. You are indeed special and one to emulate. Bless your Bones!

Pastor Ernest Edwards
Unity Christian Fellowship International Ministries
Huntsville, AL

Again thank you for your exceptional service. We appreciate all that you are doing. Spirit of Excellence!!

Pastor William Miles
The Kingdom of Heaven Church International
Hope Mills, NC