About StartCHURCH

StartCHURCH is a company dedicated to meeting the needs of pastors, leaders and church boards that have a vision to make a difference in their communities through establishing new churches and ministries. Knowing that churches face increased scrutiny, StartCHURCH answered the call to be a voice to the Body of Christ by educating and empowering men and women of God not only to start their churches, but also to run and manage them better.

StartCHURCH believes in helping those who feel called to leadership within the Body of Christ.  To that end, the authors have designed all products and services to aid ministers in fulfilling the call of God on their lives. Most of the resources on the website have been authored by Reverend Raul Rivera, who has over 18 years of extensive experience researching the compliance issues that surround religious and non-profit organizations. Using simple day-to-day language, Raul has created more than 80 effective and user-friendly manuals and compliance software and document packages, such as the StartRIGHT™ Service, to make church starts and management easier. 

In October of 2006, StartCHURCH began hosting live conferences aimed at reaching pastors and church leaders on a personal level. In the years since StartCHURCH started hosting the conferences, Since that October day, thousands of pastors and church leaders have come together to hear Raul's vision for the business side of church in the 21st century. His personal experiences as a pastor, coupled with his years of consulting experience, make the conference an engaging time filled with fun and encouragement. You will find that there are not any conferences like these available anywhere in America.

Raul and his wife, Genel, have also used their years of ministry experience to help serve the community in which they live. They have witnessed the powerful way that hearts and lives are opened before them for the gospel, simply by using opportunities that the Lord puts before them to make a difference through giving and serving others.

Raul and Genel know that ministry leaders can accomplish whatever they desires through hard work, perseverance, and deep trust in Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Church. No minister should have to feel alone in his or her efforts to raise up a ministry. The StartCHURCH team is here to help you so that you can focus more of your time on effectively reaching out to those around you and less of your time on confusing paperwork. With the resources, services, and software provided by StartCHURCH, pastors and church leaders can have an easier time establishing their churches, without having to deplete their precious resources.

Together with their five beautiful children, Reverend Raul and Genel reside in Atlanta, Georgia and believe in reinvesting their time and resources into the community that surrounds them. It is their sincere desire that the information they share will be of great blessing and empowerment to you and your ministry!