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Leading a ministry is a very challenging task. The fact that you have landed on this page is an indicator that the vision in your heart is greater than what the ministry's finances can provide. StartCHURCH™ has come to understand that part of the process of growing your ministry is the development of a business mindset to finance the gospel. If there is one area where most churches are weak, it is in keeping up with business responsibilities. Most church business plans consist of depending solely on tithes and offerings. The hope of most pastors and leaders rests in the possibility of adding new financially strong members who can boost weekly giving. Unfortunately, that rarely happens as hoped. What if the church developed a plan to generate real income through legitimate for profit businesses owned by the church? What if the church created a plan to save cash over a period of time and invested it into a real income producing business? What if the profits were enough to pay for excellent facilities for the church, which in turn produced income, too?

Ecclesiastical Entrepreneurism

When you survey churches across America, less than 3% of churches earn income outside of tithes, offerings and pledges. That is and continues to be the traditional method of income generation for churches and ministries, but the time has come to no longer depend on the traditional. We advocate the concept of ecclesiastical entrepreneurism as a necessary component of church life and its impact on the community. Just imagine what your ministry would look like today if it had the ability to generate sizable amounts of income outside of tithes and offerings. That is an opportunity worth seizing. Life is too short to live satisfied with the traditional, especially when there are "new wineskins" for this time and season. To start and run a ministry owned business is to break out of the traditional methods used in times past and to begin carving a new way of doing church business. The days of churches depending solely on giving are over.

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As always, all of our customers are able to take advantage of our flexible and interest free 2-installment payment plan of $332. As a matter of fact, the majority of our customers have taken advantage of our flexible payment plan because it allows them to get off the ground without spending too much at once.

How does StartCHURCH™ help you?

It all begins with empowerment. Our founder wrote the resource titled "Expansion." This resource casts the vision for why every church should have a church-owned business that produces extra streams of income. We then focus on listening to you and follow your direction and vision. After all, it's your call, your vision and your ministry. We follow your orders, as you direct, to fill out articles of incorporation*, church/ministry minutes to approve action, the stockholder agreement between business and ministry, Tax ID Number, bylaws* and more. Moreover, it comes with our founder's resource on how to start and manage a church-owned business. This resources discusses everything one needs to know about the ownership of the shares and how to issue them, how to use them to attract investors and to raise capital for the business, the seven considerations of a business plan, how to dream and much more.

Imagine the possibilities

Here is a quick scenario! Pastor Tom loves to preach every Sunday using illustrations that involve a multimedia experience, whether music and video, PowerPoint, Bible verses on screen, or sermon notes being distributed. He is able to do that because his church uses the services of a video/multimedia company. Every week Pastor Tom gets the invoice for it and it is $0.00. Why is it FREE? Well, that is because his church owns 100% of the issued shares of the business. Wow! Amazing! It's a real for profit business that the church owns. In addition, the business pays the church a quarterly dividend of around $12,000.00. Those dividends are tax free to the church.

It is an honor to serve you!

A driving force of the culture of StartCHURCH™ comes from our founder and president, who believes that our greatest honor comes from serving YOU. We have big dreams here! With a vision to see churches and ministries all across America grow and prosper in all that God has for them, we constantly strive to challenge and expand your thinking in order to help you fulfill the vision planted deep within you. Then, we provide you with the tools or services to make that a reality.

The Church Owned Business Program includes:
  • Search state records to check name availability, and then securing it for you so that no other organization can take it;
  • Prepare ministry minutes to approve action;
  • Stockholder agreement which limits the power of the for profit business board of directors and passes it to your ministry, which is the chief shareholder;
  • Articles of incorporation*
  • Tax-ID number which is needed to open up a checking account to do business.
  • Organizational board meeting minutes as required.
  • Corporate bylaws* to establish the roles and responsibilities of shareholders, directors and officers.
  • A detailed guide on the management of a ministry owned for profit business. The guide teaches you how to manage and issue shares, how to raise capital through the shares of the company, seven post-setup considerations to make your business more successful, and real examples of how a church owned business can make the ministry money while helping it fulfill its purposes.
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