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That is what many leaders say when they consider the requirements for starting a church. They feel called, anointed, and equipped for the spiritual side, but quite unprepared for the challenges of getting started. Many become paralyzed with fear and do not move forward with their vision.

That is where StartCHURCH comes in.

Whether you are starting a church, evangelistic ministry, web-based outreach, CDC, ordination ministry, headquarters, or school, StartCHURCH can help you protect what God has called you to lead.

At StartCHURCH, we believe that the Lord has strategically placed us in a unique position to come alongside of you and to bridge the gap between the call of God in your life and the necessary steps required to establish your ministry.

It is about you!

StartCHURCH has a unique philosophy that says, “No one knows your ministry better than you do!” Our goal is to educate you with excellent information that empowers you to make decisions. Then, as you direct, we do the heavy lifting of document preparation. As your church progresses through the paperwork, you will feel confident that your vision and your ministry are being established on a solid foundation.

From our initial conversation, you will notice that StartCHURCH is about you, your vision, and what God has called you to do. Our greatest desire is to hear your vision and walk with you from start to finish.

Whether it is incorporation*, bylaws*, the creation of an ordination program, obtaining of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, or any other service, StartCHURCH offers the tools and resources to help your ministry StartRIGHT®!

Experience the StartCHURCH difference

No other company will provide you more personalized attention or put more educational resources and software into your hands than StartCHURCH. Using the StartRIGHT® Service as our guide, the services, tools, and resources you receive will allow you to manage and keep your ministry in compliance.

The StartRIGHT® Service has helped 1000’s of churches and ministries get started the right way. By taking something complex and making it easy, the StartRIGHT® Service offers the most confidence a pastor can have with the business side of his/her church. Call us today at 877-494-4655 and find out why the StartRIGHT® Service is America’s #1 church planting service!

It truly is our passion to help your ministry get started the right way. We look forward to serve you.

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