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Imagine meeting the strongest needs of your community, while growing your influence as a church, all with resources from outside of your ministry.

It sounds too good to be true, right? Yet, that is exactly what 100's of pastors and churches are doing throughout the US by creating a CDC.

CDC stands for community development corporation. It is a secondary corporation that can be used to accomplish the ministry dreams and vision that a church cannot otherwise accomplish.

A CDC is not an alternate funding source but a separate corporation, run by church members, to reach the needs of your city through the use of governmental grants.

If you are like most pastors, the dreams in your heart and the needs of the city in which you are ministering are greater than the resources in the bank. Oftentimes, we see a need in our community and we rush back to our churches, requesting offerings to cover much-needed help for the community. But sadly, many times those resources never come. Sometimes we even take our vision and plea to other Christians in the community, but often find that their resources are already committed to other local charities. If you only think that reaching your community can happen through tithes and offerings, then this would be the end of the story.

But what if there was another way?

More and more pastors are employing the use of a CDC to help them reach the needs of their community. They start a CDC that is a separate corporation from the church. This is considered a nonreligious nonprofit. The vision for this corporation initially is not "creating disciples"; it is "meeting the needs of your local community". The staff of this CDC can be church members able to share the gospel. The overarching goal of this organization is to help people. To this end, the CDC can apply to receive monies that the government has set aside to help such needs. As the CDC renders services to the community, the church does its job to share the goodness of the Lord with those who are being served.

One example

A pastoral couple was driving home from a church leadership conference, newly inspired to reach the needs of their community. As they drove home, they talked and dreamed about what the greatest needs were in their city. After hours of dreaming, they settled in on what they felt was the most pressing community need they could identify: helping the poorest children in their city be fully equipped for the upcoming school year. This would mean all necessary school supplies loaded into brand new backpacks; it also meant haircuts, eye exams, and vaccinations...all for free to every child in their city! When they got home, they excitedly tallied up what they thought it would cost to pull off the outreach. They took a deep breath as they read the number on the calculator: $40,000. Feeling the outreach direction was from the Lord, though, not even the amount needed to pull it off was enough to discourage them.

They were armed with new inspiration and a clear vision, and they could hardly wait to share the idea with their church.

Sunday came and they were almost bursting with enthusiasm about announcing the upcoming outreach, confident that the church would get behind it and the finances would come in. After casting a clear and compelling vision about the back-to-school outreach, they took up a special offering. The goal was $40,000 - but only $900 came in; it was nowhere near the amount they had expected to receive.

Not dissuaded, however, they told themselves that they would take the need outside of their church to other believers in the community. It did not matter who got the credit, they just knew it could change the school year for 100's of kids if they could do this outreach. They asked everyone they knew and cast vision to other churches and leaders, but after all was said and done, they had $1,200. It was in this discouraging moment that they remembered an idea they had learned from another ministry that was greatly impacting its community in similar ways.

What if we had a better way to cover these costs?

They decided to start a new nonreligious organization called Project Smile. Its mission statement was about helping children to have an amazing back-to-school experience. This allowed them to connect with local businesses and local government agencies concerning the back-to-school idea. Over the next 60 days, over $40,000 in cash and material donations came in to the organization through local grants. During the event, the church members ran all the booths and the pastor was able to meet, greet, and love on the whole community, all while each child was served. All the resources for the outreach were provided for, over and above the tithes and offerings.

It is amazing what happens when you do not care who gets the credit

Is there something in your heart that you have not done because you do not have the finances for it or because you are waiting for the church to back it financially? Maybe there is another way. Through creating a CDC, you might be able to reach and bless your community and increase your influence in the city.

Today is the day to dream again

Today is the day to allow yourself to dream again. There are more ways to reach the needs of your community. The CDC can be the avenue through which you can have great impact on your city, while not draining the funds of the church.

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Our StartCHURCH CDC program has everything you need to start your CDC: incorporation*, FEIN, bylaws*, policies and procedures, and 501(c)(3) IRS recognition. As you direct, we will fill out all of your documents and talk to the IRS on your behalf. And, as a bonus for signing up for the StartCHURCH CDC program, we will give you a FREE COPY of our grant writing software resource. Act now and see your city reached like never before.

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