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Protect Your Financial Future

God has called you into ministry. You're ready to make an impact, but how can you make sure your financial future is protected?

Many church boards and pastors are unaware that there is a proper way to structure a minister's compensation, so pastors don't always get the full benefits that are available to them. Don't let the confusing process keep you from taking advantage of a generous and compliant compensation package for years to come!


Discover the Special Benefits

There are several ways to customize a minister's compensation package to take advantage of the available tax, insurance, and retirement benefits. We work with you to create the best package tailored to fit your needs.

  • Church rights and responsibilities
  • Agreement duration and renewal and termination
  • Cost of living adjustments
  • Cell phone use agreement
  • Pastoral professional development clause
  • Insurance protection
  • Spouse protection clause
  • Accountable reimbursement agreement
  • Home office deduction
  • Vacation time
  • Job description
  • Minutes approving compensation
Would you like a discount?

We offer a discount if you purchase your self-employment tax exemption application (Social Security), housing allowance, and compensation agreement together. When you bundle these three services together, you get a $249.00 discount. Below is the pricing breakdown:

Normal Price Bundled Price
Housing Allowance $199.00 Housing Allowance $199.00
SE Tax Exemption $399.00 SE Tax Exemption $199.00
Compensation Agreement $449.00 Compensation Agreement $449.00
Subtotal $847.00 Subtotal $847.00
Discount $0.00 Discount -$249.00
Total $1,047.00 Total $798.00
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With these three simple steps, you'll secure your financial future while fulfilling your calling and providing for your family.

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Under your direction, we prepare the compensation package. We will help you get the maximum potential out of your benefits to create a solid financial foundation and protect your financial future.

Secure your financial future

3. Secure your financial future

You're good to go! You'll enjoy the full benefits of a generous and compliant salary contract for years to come.


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The StartCHURCH Guarantee
  • At StartCHURCH, we truly care about you, your family, and your ministry's success. We want to cheer you on as you fulfill your God-given calling and protect what He has called you to lead.
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  • Our team of church planting specialists has helped thousands of churches establish a legal foundation to protect themselves, their members, and the visions of the pastors.
  • We will help you get the maximum potential out of your benefits to protect your financial future.
Protect your financial future today!

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