Kingdom Steward™

Track and Manage Donations

Tracking and managing your church’s finances have never been easier. This program will take care of everything for you so you can focus on the ministry.

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Minister's Suite™

Pastor’s Toolkit

Having clear insight into the challenges and opportunities facing pastors on a daily basis, the Minister’s Suite™ puts easy to use, easy to customize pastoral tools at your finger tips.

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Compensation Suite™

Tools for Ministry Confidence

With the Compensation Suite™ tool you will have the power and the understanding of how to maximize the tax benefits afforded to ministers.

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Documents Suite™

Forms and Certificates

It’s now faster and easier than ever to protect your ministry’s vision by creating easy, simple-to-use forms that ensure those doing the ministry are keeping with the ministry’s vision.

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Secretary's Suite™

Empower Others to Lead

Secretary's Suite™ helps you protect and manage your assets through creating an inventory system. Additionally, this suite will help you save money and reach your city through nonprofit mailing.

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Exemption Suite™

Obtaining Exempt Organization Status

Obtaining 501(c)(3) status is important to the success of your church or ministry, and it does take work. The Exemption Suite™ makes it easy.

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Capital Suite™

Growing into Your Future

Everything you need to develop a strong organizational financial history, while developing the kind of creditworthiness you can use as leverage to fulfill your vision.

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Tax Suite™

Financial Reporting Toolkit

With tools that make tedious financial reporting a breeze, the Tax Suite™ puts financial reporting power back at your finger tips.

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Launch Suite™

Register Your Church or Ministry

Making it easy to StartRIGHT, the Launch Suite™ combines today’s legal requirements with easy-to-use tools, assuring every church planter can launch legally.

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Minutes Suite™

How to Run a Proper Board Meeting

With the Minutes Suite™ you will have access to everything you need to know about board meetings, including who can serve on a board, how to hold a proper board meeting and how to take minutes.

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Compliance Suite™

A Nonprofit Compliance Audit

Compliance Suite™ helps you maintain your scriptural convictions, while ensuring that your church stays informed of the latest laws.

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Policies Suite™

Policies and Procedures for Your Ministry

The Policies Suite™ will serve as a roadmap to protect your vision and help you write your procedures with 55 customizable policies.

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Called to Care™

Establish Your Benevolence Program

The Called to Care™ Suite was created for ministry leaders and pastors to have a resource as they create and establish their benevolence program.

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Launch to Lead™

A Video Course for Church Planters

Launch to Lead™ includes 10 lessons in over 38 videos that explore the in-depth process of what it looks like to be confident as you plant your church and watch it grow.

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Equipped to Ordain™

An Ordination-focused Video Course

Equipped to Ordain™ includes five detailed lessons that will help you create legal, compliant, and proven strategies for ordaining others within your ministry.

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Leading Through Crisis™

A Video Course to help Navigate Through Crises

Leading Through Crisis™ includes six lessons that explore the process of what it looks like to lead your ministry through times of uncertainty, no matter how great or small.

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Tell Your Story Online

Increase your online giving in less than 1 hour by creating a website through StartSITES™. Your fully responsive church website will be able to receive online donations and help tell your story to the world.

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