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Kingdom Steward™

Track and Manage Donations

Tracking and managing your church’s finances have never been easier. This program will take care of everything for you so you can focus on the ministry.

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Minister's Suite™

Pastor’s Toolkit

Having clear insight into the challenges and opportunities facing pastors on a daily basis, the Minister’s Suite™ puts easy to use, easy to customize pastoral tools at your finger tips.

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Compensation Suite™

Tools for Ministry Confidence

With the Compensation Suite™ tool you will have the power and the understanding of how to maximize the tax benefits afforded to ministers.

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Documents Suite™

Forms, Policies and Certificates

It’s now faster and easier than ever to protect your ministry’s vision by creating, easy, simple to use forms that ensure those doing the ministry are keeping with the ministry’s vision.

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Secretary's Suite™

Empower Others to Lead

From board meetings and board minutes to insurance and reporting, the Secretary’s Suite™ has everything needed to ensure clarity in all of your church documentation.

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Management Suite™

Leadership Toolkit

With tools that make tedious financial reporting a breeze, the Management Suite™ puts financial reporting power back at your finger tips.

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Capital Suite™

Growing into Your Future

Everything you need to develop a strong organizational financial history, while developing the kind of credit worthiness you can use as leverage to fulfill your vision.

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Expansion Suite™

Enlarge the Vision

Tapping into the growing vision of this generation of church leaders, the Expansion Suite™ gives you everything you need to leverage your business passions with the church’s vision.

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Launch Suite™

Register Your Church or Ministry

Making it easy to StartRIGHT, the Launch Suite™ combines today’s legal requirements with easy to use tools, assuring every church planter can launch legally.

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