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There are many ways that an organization can judge its success. Here at StartCHURCH, we measure our success according to how well we are serving people and making them feel honored through the compliance process. The most important score we keep has to do with people giving us positive feedback on how they have enjoyed working with us. Below is just a small sampling of the 1,000's of testimonies we have received from StartCHURCH clients.

They stuck with us and gave us great guidance and have helped us to make some really good choices.

Ricky Temple
Overcoming by Faith Ministries
Savannah, GA

StartCHURCH has been a great help in putting this all together for our ministry. We are now on our way to getting our 501(c)(3) status! May God continue to prosper you as you continue to help all of God's people fulfill their purpose and reaching their destiny. Praise the Lord!!!

Pastors Rene and Mirian F.

We followed all of the steps and recommendations outlined in your 501(c)(3) software. Upon submission to the IRS, we were advised all 501(c)(3) applications were in a 6 month hold prior to the first review. We received our complete approval within 3 months of submission. Your program simplified the process and took the stress out of the entire situation. We are now preparing to open our daycare! God bless you, and thank you for your help.

Pastor Melody B.

You have a wonderful product that we highly recommend to any church that is serious about "the business side" of their church. You have designed a plan that is so needed for the body of Christ. We purchased the Complete State Edition, and it had everything we needed all the way to the 501(c)(3). We sent our packet to the IRS on December 30, and received our letter of determination on February 11th with no additional questions asked. We followed the plan just like you have it outlined. I must commend you for this excellent product. We saved thousands of dollars using your plan. We have also purchased your church management software and it has been a blessing likewise.

Pastor and Mrs. M.

Thanks again for being so pleasant over the telephone! It is a pleasure to work with pleasant "Saints"! I am already recommending your services to other upcoming Pastors. There was one pastor that was trying for 10 months to find out how obtain the information in your series. Just about 3 weeks ago, she went through an attorney and put out an astronomical amount of money. I have already told her about your services. Blessings!

Pastors David and Valerie N.

We are excited that the Lord has blessed us with you to help us in the process. I marvel at the goodness and mercy of God. He knew we would have a problem in St. Louis and he developed an answer in you. Only a good God in glory could have done that. I pray that your company grows leaps and bounds as you continue to bless men and women of God with your wonderful service.

Pastor E.

StartCHURCH is, hands down, THE provider of information and resources to get your 501(c)(3) off on the right foot. As a young minister the task of getting things started properly from a business and tax perspective can be a daunting task. The team at StartCHURCH was instrumental in taking us from inception to approved non-profit religious status in a very timely and efficient way. Their industry expertise and clear godly character is outstanding. We recommend them to anyone interested in starting a 501(c)(3) organization.

Billy H.

I received notification last week from the IRS that Harvest Christian Ministries had been granted official tax-exempt status. I want to thank you and the wonderful staff for all of your PERSONAL and professional dealings with us during this process. I look forward to having you do our housing Allowance and Self-Employment tax exemption. Again your company has been a major blessing. I will not hesitate to let my friends and colleagues know about StartCHURCH.

Rev. Tim T.

We had a severe hard drive crash that caused us to lose everything including the products that we purchased from StartCHURCH. I called StartCHURCH and spoke with Raul and explained the situation. Within 2 days I received a copy on a CD. You guys are the absolute best when it comes to crisis management, and your products are top notch. God bless you all at StartCHURCH, and thank you so much for your fast response.

Rev Darryl Ross C.

I am so glad that there are people who are sensitive to the plight of those starting a new church from ground zero.

Pastor David A.

I wanted to thank you for your faithfulness and diligence to what God has called you to do. God has used you to help us carry out what He called us to do. We have learned more than we can say. You have taken what was complicated and made it simple. May God greatly bless you and the ministry He has called you to do.

John Denise P.