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The next step after getting 501(c)(3) status

Oftentimes, when an organization incorporates* and also acquires 501(c)(3) recognition, the leaders think that their legal process is over. On the contrary, it is the beginning of a process we like to call the "StayRIGHT journey." Starting right is great, but staying right is something that needs continual attention. In most states, once you receive your 501(c)(3) approval, the next step is to register with the Department of Charitable Solicitations, a division of the Secretary of State office. This critical next step is often overlooked by nonprofits and can cause serious consequences in the future.

Is it mandatory that my organization file?

It depends on what type of organization you are. If you are a church or a para-church ministry, about half of the states require you to register with the Department of Charitable Solicitations. If you are a community development corporation, or are creating a holdings corporation, it is mandatory to register in nearly every state.

How do I register?

Essentially, the registration requires that you provide certain information about your church, para-church, or nonprofit organization and give insight into its basic business operations. This is done to ensure integrity in the public charity sector and to maintain public confidence.

Are there penalties for noncompliance?

Yes! Every state law that is not fully followed by your church or ministry comes with penalties, some that could result in thousands of dollars!

Failure to register before taking up tithes and offerings is against the law and could results in penalties and fines. Do not wait. Register today to ensure your legal compliance.

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