Everything You Need To Start Your Church

It's never been easier to start your church legally! With Launch Suite™, you have access to thousands of hours of legal training at your finger tips. With easy to use, step-by-step instructions, the Launch Suite™ helps you protect what God has given you to lead. From creating customized, state level legal documentation, to bullet proof Constitution and Bylaws*, to easy to follow instructions on how to complete your 501(c)(3) application, the Launch Suite™ puts you in the driver's seat, ensuring your legal compliance is in place from day one.


Church & ministry incorporation* with tax-id

More than ever, establishing your church or ministry as an ecclesiastical corporation is of absolute importance. This software program includes strategic language that protects your ministry from outside intrusion caused by many of today's public policy laws. Launch Suite™ helps you expand the church's full potential by giving you language to set up licensing and ordination programs, Bible schools, mission and outreach programs, as well as daycare and other secondary educational programs.


Iron-clad protection for your church

Other than the Scriptures, this is the most important document in your church! The constitution and bylaws* establishes a structured government, ensuring that control of the organization stays out of the state's hands. Launch Suite™ contains a powerful tool that allows you to create iron-clad, customized bylaws* with all of the necessary provisions, up-to-date changes in nonprofit law and a diverse set of samples packed with Scripture.

  • A 6-step process for writing the constitution and bylaws*
  • Protection clauses for the founder
  • Creating accountability without IRS intrusion
  • 6 complete samples for churches and ministries
  • The latest case law studies
  • 501(c)(3) compliant with the new IRS requirements
  • 8 must-haves for your bylaws*
  • Protecting the church from outside influence

How to be tax exempt with confidence

Obtaining 501(c)(3) status is important to the success of your church or ministry, but it does take work. IRS statistics reveal that the application form takes more than 100 hours to complete, making it a very difficult and time consuming task. However, this software minimizes the amount of time it takes to complete the form and eliminates the need to hire a CPA.

With Launch Suite™, you get:

  • The ability to fill out form 1023 directly from the program on your computer
  • Form fields automatically populate and calculate for you
  • Sample budget and balance spreadsheets
  • Sample exhibits, attachments, and additional information needed for a complete application
  • A comprehensive, line-by-line guide
  • An IRS approved Form 1023 for you to use as an example
  • Sample policies and board resolutions
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