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All the data pastors need to make important, informed decisions

Manage donations, create compliant giving statements and stay connected with your donors

The Dashboard page provides quick, easy-to-see, and easy-to-understand insights

  • Overview of current progress of designated funds such as: building funds, missions funds, and more
  • View recently recorded deposits for easy comparison with bank records
  • Easily analyze weekly, monthly, and yearly data for a quick view of giving trends

Simplify Financial Compliance

The simple form for entering donations makes compliant record-keeping a snap

Setup online giving for automatic import of contributions from Stripe

Track essential details about each donation, including fund designations and tax-deductible status

Record all deposits in one place to simplify accounting

Sort and filter contributions to create powerful giving reports for insights on giving trends

Export reports to a PDF or a CSV for distribution to board members and bookkeepers

Stay Connected with your Donors

Stay Connected with your Donors

  • Organize donor information, both businesses and individuals
  • Track attendance to stay informed of engagement trends
  • Easily view donor giving activity at any time
  • Archive inactive donors

Giving Halo is the powerful all-in-one online giving platform that you need to manage donations, create compliant giving statements and highlight key insights

Giving Halo

$ 20/mo

  • Dashboard with summary of your organization’s giving
  • Generate powerful financial reports
  • Create receipts and giving statements with ease
  • Overview of progress on your designated funds
  • Know your donors through donor profiles and historic contribution records
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Bundle Pricing

$ 49/mo

  • Giving Halo integration with Launch Halo
  • One-stop shop of church growth and health
  • Track and stay connected with your team
  • Overview of progress on your designated funds
  • Access anytime, anywhere
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