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Mobile Ministry

With StartSITES you can move your ministry online and continue to connect with your congregation and the local community.

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Built for Churches

The website builder was created just for churches. All you have to do is share your passion about your ministry!

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Online Giving

Your website will be able to receive online giving quickly through our partnership with Stripe. Stripe has a discounted rate for non-profits.

Responsive computer and phone


On StartSITES, your website will be completely responsive for every type of screen size, mobile, tablet or desktop.

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Increase donations by 32% with online giving

Funding your vision has never been easier

StartCHURCH has partnered with Stripe to allow for online giving to be processed through your StartSITES website. Setup is easy and free.

In order to have online giving, you must be able to say yes to the following questions:

  • Do you have a FEIN?
  • Have you opened a bank account?

But if you already use another online giving platform, it is simple to link it to your StartSITES website. There will be no delays or hiccups for you to continue to receive online giving.

Are you ready to create a website?

StartCHURCH has made it simple for you to create your own website with our easy-to-use website builder.

  1. Do you have a name for your church?
  2. Do you have a written vision?
  3. Do you have a regular meeting location?
  4. Are you incorporated?

If you can answer YES to these questions -- you are ready to have your own website!

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What can I include on my StartSITE?


StartSITES websites allow you to do so much when building a website for your church. List below are some of the things you can include:

  • Share who you are and what you do with the world
  • Share your vision and statement of faith
  • Securely receive donations online
  • Display service times and church location
  • Embed video or audio content
  • Embed social media posts
  • Link your church’s social media accounts
  • Provide contact information
  • Share as much or as little information about your leaders as you want (including their pictures)
  • Allow visitors to leave you a message
  • Provide links to external sites (such as your social media or video accounts)
  • Use your own images to tell the story of your church or ministry
  • Bring your own custom domain


There are also a few things you cannot do with StartSITES:

  • Have multiple pages on your website
  • Have a blog directly on your website
  • Change the website template

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No matter what type of church you have - StartSITES is for you!

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