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Welcome to StartCHURCH University. The world of compliance and administrative responsibilities is constantly changing. Our goal with StartCHURCH University is to simplify the landscape and empower our leaders long term. Imagine having access to the knowledge you need to confidently navigate church compliance.

With Our Online Course, You Can:

Learn at your own pace

With StartCHURCH University, it has never been easier to get the training you need, on your schedule, at your pace. With our interactive, self-paced design, a quality education in church compliance is now in everyone's reach. And with the self-paced design, you can cover as much or as little content as you feel is right for you.

Become skilled in church compliance

Like never before, you can learn to navigate the ever-changing legal landscape of America. With StartCHURCH University, you can put today's laws to work for you and your ministry, ensuring that the church has someone to help lead it to success and legal compliance. Let StartCHURCH University ensure that your ministry has the legal knowledge it needs to succeed.

Follow step-by-step video instructions

StartCHURCH University is more than just words on screens; it is also professional-grade videos that will help you interact with the legal training in fresh and exciting ways. We want this to be more than information; we want it to be content that helps lead and transform your ministry in the area of legal compliance.

Run proper board meetings

The legal backbone of any church or ministry is the power of its board meetings. But how do you know if you are doing it all right? With StartCHURCH University, you will be trained on how to prepare for, run, and record the most important meeting in any ministry. From providing proper pre-meeting notices and conducting votes, to recording decisions legally in your ministry corporate records kit, let StartCHURCH University train you to make the most of your board meetings.

Conquer church administration

No longer does church administration need to be something to fear! With StartCHURCH University, you can tame the "monster of Sunday" and beyond by having the skills and know-how to lead your ministry to legal compliance. Get started today on your road to compliance success.

And MUCH more!

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3 Easy Payments

At StartCHURCH, our commitment is to make world-class education available to every church in America. From start-ups to legacy churches, there has never been an easier time to bring the education you need into the ministry you love. Introducing the StartCHURCH University Easy-Pay program. With Easy-Pay, we can now offer StartCHURCH University at 3 monthly payments of $299. At your first payment, you gain full access to all that StartCHURCH University has to offer. No longer are finances a hindrance to your future! With the StartCHURCH University Easy-Pay program, you can get started today on your path to a brighter future.

“How StartCHURCH University Changed Our Ministry”

While each story and journey is unique, there is much we all can still learn. Whether you are called to church administration or have a different ministry calling, everyone can benefit from being educated in church compliance.

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We dream of a time to come when EVERY church in America has a skilled individual ensuring that the business side of the church is accomplished effectively! This is just the beginning of a wonderful journey.

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