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Obtaining Exempt Organization Status

IRS statistics reveal that the application form takes more than 100 hours to complete, making it a very difficult task. However, this software minimizes the amount of time required to complete the form and eliminates the need to hire a CPA. Not only does this program include forms you can prepare right on your computer, it also provides expert guidance specifically designed for churches and ministries. Feel confident that your application will be complete and ready for quick approval!


A comprehensive, line-by-line guide

We understand the daunting task of applying for your 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. StartCHURCH has helped 1000's of churches and ministries get their 501(c)(3) status and the Exemption Suite™ will help you achieve that status as well. With our Exemption Suite™, we walk you through the whole process, line-by-line. This suite gives you the ability to fill out Form 1023 directly from the program on your computer. Our team of experts has spent years keeping up with what is required to guarantee your tax-exempt status. This suite compiles all of the research into one suite.

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Easy-to-follow examples

Oftentimes, the hardest part of filling out these forms is knowing if you are doing it correctly. That is why we have included samples to help you through the whole process. These samples should serve as comparisons for you to reference so you can ensure that your application is approved. It is not recommended that you copy and paste these samples into your application.

These samples include:

  • Example 1023 for a church and a ministry
  • Income expense worksheet
  • Balance and assets worksheet
  • Church narrative template
  • Religious/secular non-profit narrative template
  • Board meeting minutes
  • Senior pastor job description
  • Sample exhibits, attachments, and additional information needed for a complete application
Part of the StartRIGHT Service

The Exemption Suite™ is one of five suites included in our StartRIGHT Service. By purchasing the StartRIGHT Service, you will be given access to Minutes Suite™, Policies Suite™, Tax Suite™, Launch Suite™, and Exemption Suite™. In addition to the software, you will also get FREE clerical services that will put a specialist to work completing your paperwork so you can file with ease. That's right! We will assist you through the whole process!

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Why wait? The current wait time to receive your 501(c)(3) response from the IRS is close to 1 year! Don't put off this important step. With the StartCHURCH Exemption Suite, you are taking the next step toward tax-exempt status.

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