Church Finances Made Easy!

The StartCHURCH Bookkeeping Service employs the latest strategies in financial management to help protect and grow your ministry, easily and strategically helping you manage, record, and properly report your finances. With the StartCHURCH Bookkeeping Service as your hub, you are well on your way to leading your ministry with the financial strength you have always wanted.

Stewardship is Leadership

Financial confidence at an affordable price

With the StartCHURCH Bookkeeping Service, you put the best financial practices to work for you, while adding a team of strategic, financial experts to your team, helping you achieve your financial goals. Do not wait. Get started today in leading your ministry to financial success.

Personal Bookkeeper

You need more than a bookkeeper; you need YOUR bookkeeper. Imagine having the power of a ministry-focused bookkeeper on staff, at a fraction of the cost. With this service, you will have an assigned bookkeeper that knows you, your ministry, and your vision.

24/7 Access

Ministry never sleeps. It is critical for successful ministries to be able to make real-time decisions, with near real-time data. With the StartCHURCH Bookkeeping Service, you will have 24/7 access to the financial reports you need to lead your ministry.

Full Control

It is your church, your books, and your data. With the StartCHURCH Bookkeeping Service, none of that changes. Our goal is to assist you with the financial side of your ministry. This service allows you to have complete confidence that your accounting is in check.

Membership, Management, and Tithe Tracking

Our cloud-based Kingdom Steward software makes the process of keeping contributions made to your organization easy and secure. You have "anytime, anywhere" access to member giving records and can send out receipts and statements by email with one click. With Kingdom Steward it really is that simple.

Safe, Secure Storage

We realize that your information is valuable. That is why we guarantee your information will be protected on our safe and secure server. All of your receipts will be backed up regularly in multiple secure locations and securely on the Cloud.

No Setup Fees

That is right! No start up fees. With the StartCHURCH Bookkeeping Service, we do not charge any additional fees to get started. All that is required to start is the first month’s fee. Check out our pricing page to choose the appropriate pricing for you.

We Do The Heavy Lifting

Save Time, Money, and Energy

Many ministers have voiced that leading the financial side of their ministries drains them of passion and energy. They feel called to preach and make disciples, but feel bound to a desk, working on their finances! THAT DAY IS OVER! With the new StartCHURCH Bookkeeping Service, ministers can now focus on more of their calling, and less on reports.


  • Having more time for ministry
  • Having the reports and data you need to make decisions
  • Having a team member doing all your financial entry
  • Having a partner, helping you navigate your way to financial success

That is what you get with the StartCHURCH Bookkeeping Service!

Personal Bookkeeper

Your finances, your team

The strength of the StartCHURCH Bookkeeping Service lies in having a financial expert as part of your team. With our service, you have your own personal bookkeeper who knows you, your ministry, and your ministry vision, ensuring that your accounting reflects that vision, as well as the mission of your church. You have direct phone and email contact information, so communication is never an issue. Your StartCHURCH bookkeeper is able to input data into the system and create the weekly reports and downloads you need to make financial decisions. Call now and add a StartCHURCH bookkeeper to your team.

You Own the Data

Your finances, your information

With the StartCHURCH Bookkeeping Service, we provide a Quickbooks Online account for each client. This account is configured for your ministry, offering you 24/7, near real-time accounting at your fingertips. Also, your Quickbooks Online account allows you to write and print checks, export church data at any time and have access to powerful reports. With the StartCHURCH Bookkeeping Service, you bring your ministry into the digital age, making sure you are leading your ministry with confidence. Using email and DropBox, you can submit receipts with the touch of a button, empowering your bookkeeper with any data entry needs. Your StartCHURCH bookkeeper also emails you customized, timely reports, giving you the financial snapshots you need. And you can rest assured, knowing a copy of all receipts and financial data is kept on the StartCHURCH secure servers. Imagine all your data, available to you all of the time.

Monthly Accounting Reports

Your finances, your reports

One of the most important parts of any accounting service is customized reports that show you the financial health of your ministry. With the StartCHURCH Bookkeeping Service, getting those reports has never been easier. Your bookkeeper will issue the following reports:

Profit and Loss**

This report contains all income and expense line items, as well as net income and expenditure for the period.

Balance Sheet**

This report contains the current balance of all funds and accounts (including bank accounts and credit cards) within the chart of accounts.

Custom Reports

Upon request, we can also run cash flow, budget versus actual, or any of the other thousands of reports available.

**These reports reflect the nonprofit equivalent.

StartCHURCH Tools

The StartCHURCH Bookkeeping Service uses a variety of powerful, proprietary software tools created by the StartCHURCH design team. These tools form the foundation of the bookkeeping service and serve to empower you to collect, track, and report on your ministry’s financial landscape. Since each service comes with a FREE copy of these tools, the StartCHURCH Bookkeeping Service is equipping you to do more than track finances; it is empowering you to lead them.

Kingdom Steward

Track, report and manage donations

Tracking and managing your church’s finances has never been easier. This program takes care of everything for you so that you can focus on the ministry.

You will be able to:

  • Track contributions
  • Print reports and receipts
  • Track attendance
  • Create and manage member information
Learn More

Secretary's Suite

The Administrator's Tool Kit

From board meetings and board minutes to insurance and reporting, the Secretary’s Suite has everything needed to ensure clarity in all of your church documentation.

It includes:

  • Everything you need to keep accurate records
  • Instruction on how to run a legal benevolence program
  • Instruction on how to protect and manage assets
  • Instruction on how to save money and reach your city with nonprofit mailing
Learn More

Your next question is probably, “How much does it cost?” Well, the first thing you should know is that our bookkeeping service has no setup fee. That is right, NO SETUP FEE! We will not charge any additional fee to “set up” the account when initiated. All that is required to start is the first month’s fee.

Choose The Price That Fits You

We will charge a monthly fee based on a reasonable expectation of annual income for the service year. The pre-defined monthly rates are as follows, and cover 12 months from the start date. The start date can be either the first day of the month of initiation or the first day of the month following initiation, at the customer’s option.

Small Church

$ 299 / Mo
  • For annual income up to $200,000

Medium Church

$ 399 / Mo
  • For annual income up to $400,000

Large Church

$ 499 / Mo
  • For annual income up to $800,000

Over $800,000? Call us for custom pricing

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