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Everything You Need to Start Your Church

It has never been easier to get started! The StartRIGHT™ Program has helped 1,000’s of churches establish a strong foundation that protects what God has given them to lead. This proven system written by founder Raul Rivera with attorney input results in maximized protection while building strength on which to grow.  Become one of thousands of churches that gets started with the assistance of startCHURCH.

In Just 30 Days With The StartRIGHT™ Program, You Will Be Receiving Everything You Need to:

  • Become Incorporated
  • Open a Church Bank Account
  • Have Customized, Ironclad Bylaws
  • Establish and Protect Your Board of Directors
  • Obtain Preliminary 501(c)(3) Status
  • Become Ordained
  • Be Able to Receive Tithes and Offerings

Getting 501(c)(3) Recognition Has Never Been Easier

For years now, the 501(c)(3) tax exempt status has been intimidating and challenging to churches and ministries - UNTIL NOW! With the StartRIGHT Program, it has never been easier to obtain tax-exempt status. StartCHURCH, will hear your vision, complete the Form 1023 application for you, with the latest strategies required, as well as personally respond on your behalf to any letters or calls from the IRS. The StartRIGHT Program takes something complex, and make is very easy. And, it comes with our 100% Approval guarantee. Today is the day to start the road toward, tax exempt status. 

The Plan You Choose Matters

The StartCHURCH™, way follows your lead and vision, based on the Launch program resource written by our founder Raul Rivera. The strategy begins by helping you discover what God has called you to be. With the StartRIGHT™ Program, your church/ministry will get incorporated, create the constitution and bylaws, and complete the 501(c)(3) application. This gives pastors and leaders confidence knowing that they are building the vision God has given them.

We make setting up your church plant or ministry simple. From incorporation to 501(c)(3) status, and everything in between, you can rest assured your church is getting off to the right start. Best of all, you control the whole process.  Its your call, your vision, your ministry.  We are here to serve you!  There are no IRS forms to fill out, no IRS agents to talk to, and no complicated paperwork for you to complete. Focusing on your ministry and on the people God has given you can remain your top priority as we come to your side to serve you in accomplishing your vision. We provide personal, individualized consultation, expert assistance in all documents, applications, and attachments, and direct IRS representation. If the IRS has questions about your application, they deal with us, not you. Our staff of tax professionals, pastors, and consultants and CPA will get the job done right.

The Comprehensive Approach to Legal Church Planting

When you use the StartRIGHT™ Program, we do not just look at where you are today, but where God could take you in the future. We help you strategize a plan for the future, giving you the room to grow and expand your ministry without having to file constant amendments to your paperwork.

The World of Ministry and today's legislative culture

Today’s nonprofit laws, IRS Revenue Rulings, and court cases (case law) have created a series of pitfalls that require careful planning. With the StartRIGHT™ Program, you are not alone.  With our 15 years of helping churches with the StartRIGHT™ Program, you can rest assured knowing that you startRIGHT.

Fair Pricing

You expect to pay for knowledge and experience, but you also expect to be treated fairly. At $1,992.00, plus government fees, our 501(c)(3) service costs far less than what accountants and attorneys charge; many of which have little or no experience in dealing with nonprofit organizations like yours.

By the same token, we are not a bargain basement Internet company. The "low price" that other companies advertise on the front-end is usually in exchange for you doing most of the work and being left to face the IRS alone when you receive an IRS letter asking for additional information. That is not our idea of a bargain.

Church planting or starting a ministry is a team effort. You do not have to do this alone. Our staff members are seasoned, career professionals who are dedicated to doing the heavy lifting for you and to seeing you through to a successful approval.

Financially Accessible

We know what it is like to plant a church or start a ministry from the ground. Often times in the beginning, there are more dreams than dollars, more vision than revenue. At StartCHURCH™, we want to make the starting of a church accessible to everyone. To that end, all of StartCHURCH’s customers are able to take advantage of our interest free payment plan of just $332/month! This allows every pastor and leader to get his/her ministry off the ground without spending too much at once.

Our 100% Approval Rate

StartCHURCH™ has maintained a 100% IRS approval rate. We have walked thousands of chruches and ministries through the  501(c)(3) process; all of which have been granted tax-exempt status by the IRS. We guarantee approval because we take the time to get to know your organization, which allows us to accurately represent your ministry programs to the IRS. You will be approved - we guarantee it!

Our Three-Fold Approach

501 Information

Our Experience - Trusted Nationwide

We are not just another "dot-com". We are a real company that knows the business side of church and ministry. Our founder, Raul Rivera, served as a church planter and pastor for many years and knows what a church needs, which is precisely why attorneys, CPA’s, and other professionals regularly choose us to serve their clients. They know that our expert staff has the knowledge, combined with years of experience, to provide their clients with exactly what they need. You can trust our team to personally walk your application through the 501(c)(3) process with the particular knowledge of what the IRS demands.

Our Commitment to Integrity

We take your satisfaction seriously. Feel confident knowing that you are doing business with the industry-leading, church planting organization that cares about the success of your church, ministry, or nonprofit outreach.

Ironclad, Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident in your success that we will gladly refund our fees, even your IRS filing fees, should your application for IRS tax exemption recognition be denied.

Service Includes

  • Searching state records for your name and making sure that it is available; securing it for you so that no other organization can take it;
  • Incorporating your organization as you direct;
  • Securing your Tax-ID number. This is the number you need to open up a checking account and do all of your ministry business;
  • Organizational board meeting minutes;
  • We consult with you on deep level to help you discover your vision, give you templates to write your doctrines and even assist with your statement of faith; Assist in preparing your bylaws. No one knows your ministry better than you. We listen to you and take orders from you;
  • You also receive the templates to create a conflict of interest policy, a compensation policy, and a reimbursement policy and as you direct us we will prepare them;
  • We finish by preparing the application for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. This is the big application that goes to the IRS. This application can be as long as 75 to 100 pages and is often followed up by additional questions asked by an IRS agent. We not only prepare the application, we also answer all of the follow-up questions asked by the IRS. You will not have to speak to the IRS or answer any follow-up questions. That is our job!

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Call our toll-free number, 877-494-4655, and speak with one of our knowledgeable associates. There is no cost or obligation. We will be happy to discuss your plans and help you understand how this process works. Let us show you just how easy this can be!

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