One Day of Training.
A Lifetime of Confidence.

Many pastors confess that they know their church books are a mess, but they feel too intimidated to do anything about it. They dream about feeling confident in their legal foundation but often lack the heart-felt peace of knowing that they have protected what God has called them to lead. The Ultimate Church Structure Conference is for you. You will leave this conference knowing how to get your church in compliance with state and federal tax laws and have a clear plan for how to stay compliant.

This conference is the answer.


What if, in one day, you could receive the trusted training and encouragement you need to lead your ministry into legal compliance?


What if, in one day, you could learn the proven, real-world strategies that are needed to run a successful ministry into today's world?


What if, in one day, you could gain the legal confidence to lead your ministry for a lifetime, knowing that it is protected?

Take your church to the next level!

The Conference You Can Trust!

In this complex legal landscape, pastors and ministry leaders are looking for trusted resources to help them gain the wisdom they need to lead their churches to legal compliance.

The Ultimate Church Structure Conference is an answer to that need!

At the Ultimate Church Structure Conference, over 10,000 pastors and churches have found the encouragement and empowerment they need to run a successful nonprofit.

Conference Highlight Video

Our conference environment is nothing like you have ever experienced. We understand that the topic of legal compliance can be intimidating and scary, but we make learning and dreaming about your ministry fun and exciting. You will leave feeling empowered, and this video will give you a better understanding not only of what you will learn, but of the conference environment in which you will learn.

This is a Conference Every Church Member Wants You to Attend!

Most church members love their pastor and want him/her to be their pastor for many years. Your members want you to attend this conference because of what it will do to your thinking. You will leave this conference with a raised mindset that you are not only a pastor, but also the CEO of a corporation. That alone changes everything. Pastors want to lead with confidence, and more than ever, God's people need a confident leader that knows where he/she is going and is not afraid to get there. That could be you.

Who Should Attend This Conference?

  • Pastors and their spouses
  • Chairperson of the trustee board
  • Members of the trustee board
  • Persons who sign church checks
  • Persons responsible for maintaining church records
  • Church elders and deacons
  • Chairperson and members of the board of directors
  • Church secretary
  • Church clerk
Affordable Pricing for Pastors

With our pastor pricing in mind, it has never been easier to take advantage of this type of powerful training. You might imagine to pay $300 or $500 for such a robust day of powerful training. But, the Ultimate Church Structure Conference is only $138 per person! Below are several pricing options for you. We would love for you to experience this conference with your board members, administrators, or other pastors in your area. To get registered for a conference, just select a city and fill out the form. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Affordable Registration

$ 109 / per
  • Access to a 300 plus page conference manual for take-home reference for $29
  • A delicious lunch served to all attendees, along with coffee and tea
  • Access to some of the best speakers and thinkers in this arena
  • A chance to meet other pastors and ministry leaders
  • Access to powerful tools and resources for growing your ministry
  • Open Q&A sessions to address your topical needs
  • Significant discounts on StartCHURCH tools and resources
Find one near you!
Newark, NJ





Location: Newark, NJ

Venue: Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel

1000 Spring Street
Elizabeth, NJ 07201

Time: 2018-11-16 9:00 AM

Hotel Phone: 9084364600

Parking: Self Parking $7.00

Contact Name:David Hodge

Phone: 7706383444


Registration: $109

Manual: $29.00

Newark, NJ

(En Español )





Location: Elizabeth, NJ

Venue: Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel

1000 Spring Street
Elizabeth, NJ, NJ 07201

Time: 2018-11-17 9:00 AM

Hotel Phone: 9084364600

Parking: $7.00

Contact Name:Lester Ruiz

Phone: 6788302600


Registration: $109

Manual: $29.00

Phoenix, AZ





Location: Phoenix, AZ

Venue: Embassy Suites Phoenix - Biltmore

2630 East Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Time: 2018-11-29 9:00 AM

Hotel Phone: 6029553992

Parking: Parking is complimentary

Contact Name:David Hodge

Phone: 7706383444


Registration: $109

Manual: $29.00

San Jose, CA





Location: San Jose, CA

Venue: Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

5101 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Time: 2018-11-30 9:00 AM

Hotel Phone: 4082001234

Parking: Parking is complimentary

Contact Name:David Hodge

Phone: 7706383444


Registration: $109

Manual: $29.00

This is a Conference for Working ON the Ministry

We have a vision to see a movement of pastors who do not just work in the ministry but also ON the ministry. These are pastors that build on foundations of integrity that will house their ministries for years and generations to come. Today can be the day to protect what God has given you to lead. At the StartCHURCH Ultimate Church Structure Conference, you will learn how to take powerful steps to ensure that your ministry is strong, legal, and ready for the days ahead.

Meet the Conference Speaker

The Ultimate Church Structure Conference also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and meet with our dynamic conference speaker. You will enjoy the opportunity of hearing from our founder, Raul Rivera, and having your real-world, ministry-specific questions addressed, ensuring you leave with the knowledge you need to get the Ultimate Church Structure at work for you!

Raul Rivera

Raul Rivera

Author and founder Raul Rivera is an ordained minister, and church tax and IRS compliance expert. During ten-plus years of pastoring, he and his wife Genel gained valuable knowledge of the challenges pastors face and the best operating procedures needed for maintaining strong legal compliance-experience which helped them create what was later to become StartCHURCH. The concept of StartCHURCH began in 1994 when Raul and Genel assisted their first church with its legal setup. The vision blossomed from there into the mission of helping churches and ministries nationwide navigate the complex tax and administrative issues that nonprofits face today. In-depth research has gone into the services, products, and conferences that StartCHURCH provides to the church and ministry community. Raul has literally assisted thousands of churches, ministries, CDC's, and schools in obtaining their 501(c)(3) status and has also assisted them with IRS compliance issues.

This Conference is About Dreaming Bigger!

Today is the day to dream big!

There has never been a better time to pursue the vision God has placed in your heart. Yet, the dream in your heart is often much bigger than the finances you have to provide for it. You no longer have to let that stop you from dreaming. In just one day at the Ultimate Church Structure Conference, you can learn how to create a church structure that is all about increasing your ability to dream bigger and going farther in ministry than you have dreamed possible! You can be empowered to utilize the strengths that a multi-tiered corporate structure can bring to your ministry, which will let you leverage your tax-exempt status and also operate successful for-profit ventures that can fund the dream in your heart.

Are You Ready for a Solid Legal Foundation?

Pastors do more than ever before! Not only is the spiritual and shepherding component part of a pastor's calling, but new, powerful laws have set the legal compliance issue square on the shoulders of the pastor. What every ministry leader needs is a clear understanding of how to lead his/her ministry to legal compliance. The Ultimate Church Structure Conference will teach you what you need to lead at a higher level.

Powerful Topics We Will Cover:

Recent legislation has put churches and nonprofit organizations under a more watchful eye of the IRS. Empowered with the ability to assess hefty fines and issue levies, the IRS is seriously cracking down on churches and ministries. The IRS Code contains over 270 sections that pertain to churches...270! Some of these code sections may be trivial, but other ones could cost you big if you do not follow the law exactly. You must know how to protect your ministry and your calling.

The Supreme Court's ruling in June 2015 has implications on same-sex marriage that pastors will have to address. Prior to the Supreme Court's ruling, many ministry leaders were feeling the pressure of what can best be described as a very strong and concerted effort to force churches to abandon their disciplines of faith and to allow same-sex marriages to take place in their facilities. At this conference, we discuss what we believe are the best practices for re-establishing your legal foundation and ensuring that your church/ministry is is operating in a manner that is lawful and consistent with its beliefs.

The Supreme Court of New Jersey ordered a Christian ministry to allow same-sex marriage on its premises because the organization could not prove that its public records made it an exclusively religious organization. Although the organization's doctrine opposed same-sex marriage, the court ruled that there was no documentation in the organizing documents—including the 501(c)(h2) application—that indicated the organization was exclusively religious. It is important that the phraseology of your articles of incorporation* and your 501(c)(h2) application be exact.

In a recent court case (David Michael Maser v. Commissioner), the court ruled that if the IRS gives you bad advice, it is not binding on the IRS. Can you imagine what that may mean to your church?

There is only one way to know how to avoid tax trouble: invest time to work on your ministry. In one day you will learn about the areas that are most likely to be in noncompliance and we believe you should fix them. This is one of the best decisions you could make to ensure a bright future for your ministry.

Section 4958 was passed by Congress to give the IRS the power to levy harsh penalties, and violating it could cost your church, your board members and trustees individually, and even your church members! Sound scary? It is, if you do not know how to avoid it. The truth is that you do not have to be at risk. We will empower you to make the necessary changes to be in compliance. Most church leaders violate many sections of the IRS Code without knowing it. Odds are, you are one of them. Ignorance of the law is inexcusable to the IRS. God is gracious, but the IRS is not! The good news is, you can learn how to fix it all.

Unknowingly, churches break the law when they pay a guest or anyone else cash from the offering. You will learn how to correct this and set your church on a better path.

Does this sound too good to be true? It is not! We will show you the way we believe you should use IRS Code, Section 1402(e), specifically to your benefit.

That is right! Substantial documentation is required in order for it to be legal. Most churches do not do it properly, and it can be costly.

Code section 105(b) allows the church to create a medical reimbursement plan that pays for your medical bills as a tax-free benefit. Learn more about this when you come to any of our conferences.

Powerful Conference Manual

Thorough. Accurate. Relevant.

In this powerful tool, you will find information on establishing a legal ordination program, developing strong bylaws to protect your ministry, how to manage love offerings, samples of forms and what to do with them, setting up proper policies and procedures, how to run effective board meetings, and much more!

This is a must-have resource for pastors and ministry leaders who are serious about keeping their ministry compliant and who are looking for a trusted tool for helping them get there.


  • The importance of having church-focused bookkeeping
  • How to navigate the Affordable Care Act
  • Strategies for handling same-sex marriage and transgender bathrooms
  • Understanding and applying clergy-penitent privilege
It is Time for a New Wineskin

This day is an investment into the long-term success of your ministry!

The day of the old model of doing ministry is coming to an end. There are new models for a new hour of ministry that empower churches to do more than ever thought possible.



Did you know that the vast majority of housing allowance programs are implemented improperly? This is wreaking havoc on many pastors, as the IRS is able to issue hefty fines. We have identified over 120 items that need to be calculated with your housing allowance, and we will teach you how to use them correctly. For some, incorporating* our information might help eliminate an income tax payment obligation or result in a large refund.


Imagine meeting the strongest needs of your community, while growing your influence as a church, all with resources from outside of your ministry. Create a Community Development Corporation under the control of the church, which can generate public and private funding for your outreach into the community. A CDC is not an alternate funding source but a separate corporation, run by church members, to reach the needs of your city through the use of governmental grants.


No longer rely solely on tithes and offerings, but implement a strategy that will help generate income through a church-owned, for-profit arm. The truth is that churches spend 97% of their finances on administrative costs. We will teach God's plan for the church and how the for-profit arm helps the church prosper and expand the mission of the church. Even more, you will learn how the law has special provisions for it. Just imagine your church having a for-profit arm that generates income for your church for years to come


We are living in the most litigious time our nation has ever experienced. The laws are constantly changing, and they seem to continually become more restrictive and hostile towards churches and ministries. Now may be the time to rethink your strategy to protect what has been placed in your stewardship by establishing a holdings corportaion. The holdings corporation is designed to be an extra layer of protection, above and beyond your insurance policy for your highest equity assets.


After attending this conference, you will feel highly empowered to lead with confidence, knowing you are equipped to lead your ministry to legal success. The conference will help you get your church or ministry in compliance with the law, but will go a step further by challenging you to dream big, have renewed vision, and believe again that your best days are ahead. Keep reading to see what else you will learn. We never tire of hearing of pastors leaving with fresh vision and hope about the future of their ministries!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

The Ultimate Church Structure Conference has helped thousands of pastors from all over the United States sleep well at night. We don't do not want you to just take our word for it. Below are two pastors who have experienced this ministry changing conference. Here is what they had to say:

Pastor Testimony
Pastor Testimony
Special Deals on Cloud Software

The tools you need to lead your ministry

At our conference, you will receive special pricing for our cloud based software that will change the way you lead your ministry. With StartCHURCH Cloud® we put today's leading church management tools right in the palm of your hand. Our suites make it incredibly simple to put your software to work for you right away. So whether you are a pastor, ministry leader, or church administrator, we have something that will fit your needs.

What is Your Next Step?

When it comes to legal compliance, the church has much ground to recapture. According to our internal review, over 80% of churches in America would not do well in an audit. In other words, more than 80% of churches have business practices that fail to ensure the churches' financial information is being reported correctly and in accordance with tax laws. Moreover, our research indicates that many churches are losing their assets in lawsuits simply because their legal structure is out of date.

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At StartCHURCH, we believe it is time for churches to have a fighting chance. Our goal is for every church to StartRIGHT: to start ministry with the legal wisdom and practices in place that help protect what God has given. We believe that if you StartRIGHT, you can then StayRIGHT.

Reverse Logo


Imagine being able to correct inaccurate incorporation* articles or amend incomplete board meeting minutes. Imagine having a clear plan to get your ministry back on track legally. That is what the StartCHURCH GetRIGHT Program is all about!

Forward Logo


Do not just StartRIGHT, StayRIGHT! It has never been easier to have the confidence that you are protecting your ministry. The long list of legal requirements no longer has to be daunting. Whether you are a church, ministry, or church-owned business, let The Ultimate Church Structure Conference empower you to not only StartRIGHT, but to also StayRIGHT.

Your ministry's best days are ahead! Let The Ultimate Church Structure Conference help you get there!

Register Today!
Additional Vital Topics We Will Cover:
  • What the IRS considers soft targets in churches when conducting audits
  • How to properly handle love offerings so that it blesses both the giver and the receiver
  • The latest rules for tax deductions and how to maximize them for your givers
  • How to properly document a church provided cell phone and iPad
  • The sanctions of IRS section 4958 on churches and nonprofit organizations
  • How to properly strategize the housing allowance to save the pastor/minister thousands of dollars each year
  • How to properly document the pastor's use of a church owned automobile
  • Why Form 1098-C is needed to receive a car donation
  • How to set up a chart of accounts
  • How to set up a tithe and offering counting system and avoid embezzlement
  • What forms should be used when musicians and children's church workers get paid by the church
  • How to document when the church provides the pastor an automobile
  • What the church must do to set up a daycare, adult care center, or athletic programs
  • Who should sign church and ministry checks
  • How to set up a tax-free, pastoral retirement program
  • How new IRS penalties for noncompliance can wipe out the church's cash and be pinned against the board members
  • Whether one can use his/her personal credit card for church business
  • Whether one has to pay Social Security tax on his/her housing allowance
  • Why recent court cases say tax-exempt status is not automatic
Don't Wait! This is the Year to get your House in Order!

The Ultimate Church Structure is here to help!

In today's complex legal landscape, pastors and ministry leaders are looking for help to get the wisdom they need to empower them to lead their churches to legal compliance. The StartCHURCH conference is an answer to that need! Over 10,000 pastors and churches have found at the StartCHURCH Ultimate Church Structure Conference the encouragement and empowerment they need to run a successful nonprofit.

Hear more of what others are saying about the Ultimate Church Structure Conference

There are many ways that an organization can judge its success. Here at StartCHURCH, we measure our success according to how well we are serving people and making them feel honored through the compliance process. The most important score we keep has to do with people giving us positive feedback on how they have enjoyed working with us. Below is just a small sampling of the 1,000's of testimonies we have received from StartCHURCH clients who have attended our conference.

This conference is not only about information, but it is an eye opener. Thank you and God bless you.

Gilberto Avila
Centro Cristiano Restauracion
Tyler, TX

It was a great and rewarding conference that everyone, all over the world, should attend.

Daisyetta McDaniel
Greater New Grove Christian Worship Center
Houston, TX

Fantastic speaker, I was not bored, and it was explained very well. I can see and feel the love you have for The Lord's work and helping others. God bless you in all you do.

Gloria Hernandez
Templo El Redentor Pentecostes
Aransas Pass, TX

This conference enlightened and informed me to restructure the way our church operates and inspired me to get right and stay right. The absolute best church conference I've attended.

Larry Dempsey
Hope for You Family Life and Worship Center
Cincinnati, OH

The conference was an unexpected eye-opening experience! We felt truly blessed! Thank you for all the hard work!

Pastor Ricky Mosel
Destination Church Locust Grove
Stockbridge, GA

A little more time on or a handout on "register once attend twice" so we can plan to attend the upcoming session, I want to hear it all again. Great conference! I have learned so much and I know our church will benefit as we make plans to relaunch our church a year or so from now! Thanks so much.

Sean Daigre
Jubilee High Hopes Church
Fayetteville, GA

This conference is necessary for every ministry leader who wants to be empowered to maximize the church's leverage and vision. This was informational, timely, relevant, and useful.

Pastor Marshall Newsome
Providence Church
High Point, NC

Awesome Ministry. Instilling the confidence in me to move forward in confidence and assurance that I can be successful-long term, without it I would probably be discouraged.

Rayford Johnson
Church Without Walls Outreach
Hendersville, NC

Very informative, so helpful filling in my gaps of knowledge. StartCHURCH helped us get started, could not have done it otherwise.

John Bronan
The Sanctuary Baptist Church of Central Ga.
Forsyth, GA

This conference was powerful, life-changing, inspiring, first class, and a must need for every ministry.

Pastor Lavert Forrest
A New Beginning International Ministries
Atlanta, GA

Christ gave us legal authority and power to win in the spirit realm. StartCHURCH gives you legal authority and power to win in the natural realm. Totally awesome!

Adrian Hines
Kingdom Konnections Embassy
Loganville, GA

This conference is by far a work of God. Pastor Raul is a vital instrument of the Holy Spirit. This material is priceless!! I will encourage all my board to attend as well as every pastor I know. Finally I confer the blessing of God upon him and his wife and staff be blessed.

Craig M. Morris
Abundant Life Christian Church
Columbus, MS

If you are a pastor or administration you MUST attend this conference. It is a blessing to have people who have paid the price to gather all the information we need and package it so effectively. Thanks Raul!

Nneka Unachukwu
Dominion City Church
Norcross, GA

Conference was filled with a lot of helpful information. I look forward to learning more and attending other conferences.

Denise Byars
Cup of Life Worship Center
Calhoun, GA

Consider hosting a startchurch conference for non-profit organizations (non-church) such as a christian prayer ministry, etc...


Thank you for sharing your wisdom and resources with us. I am truly blown away with what I have learned today. God Bless!

Sandy Vasquez
San Francisco, CA

I would like to see more time for Q & A, this was great, and helped tremendously.

Something institutional Missionary Baptist Chruch
Oakland, CA

I feel everyone should be in this conference Pastor or not very good information for pastors.

Deborah Maxine Graves
Something institutional Missionary Baptist Chruch
Oakland, CA

This is a multi-faceted, comprehensive, and enlightening journey of Romans 13:1-7 unbelievably compacted in a few short hours. This is a humbly required course for all churches and ministers.

Pastor Calvin A Levy

Tampa, FL

Startchurch has really been a blessing to New WIne Outreach. Thanks to you we are on the right track.

Pastor Gloria Bass
New WIne Outreach, Ministry
Tampa, FL

Excellent conference! A must attend for new and long standing churches! Excellent facilitator! May God favor and continue to bless this company!

Renee Hill
W.I.N. Ministries
Eustis, FL

This seminar is blessed and anointed by Christ and is a must for all church ministries.

Dwayne C Perry
True Sanctuary of Praise
Riverview, FL

Thank you all for such awesome conference, very valuable information, God Bless.

Paul C Gardenhire
Common Ground Christian Worship Center
Delray Beach, FL

This seminar has taken away the fear of starting our church.

Joann Campbell
ACOJ on the Rock with Open Arms
Orlando, FL

Wonderful conference and full of real-life spiritual testaments and information. Thank you Lord for your servant!

Theresa Smart
Mt. Herman R.M.U.E. Church
Charleston, SC

The first hour of information in itself was worth the conference price and more. Not only was this very information, it was motivating.

Dominic Owens

Florence, SC

I truly enjoyed this conference. I learned so very much to help my ministry. I was so encouraged by the testimony of Pastor Rivera. Pastor Rivera is so knowledgable on relative information. I was so blessed and empowered.

Pastor Brenda Jenkins
Christ Solid Rock Christian Church
Colorado Springs, CO

Excellent, informative, user friendly, always access to current information.

Lezona Williams
Heart of God Evangelistic Ministires
Kansas City, MO

This was my second conference attended. Greater blessing the second time around!

Roderick J. Joe
Hill International Ministries
Arlington, TX

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! By far the best church administration conference!

Wordrow (?) Bailey
Macedonia Baptist Church
Midland, TX

Thank you Raul for being obedient to the call. StartCHURCH is a true blessing!

Nancy Ray
Disciples Church of the Living God
Garland, TX

Excellent information resource-valuable and relevant information was presented in the session.

Dorothy Preston
Miracle Temple Evangelistic Church
Jackson, MS

Very great meeting! Very informative! All church leaders needs to know this.

Pastor Kenneth Preston
Miracle Temple Evangelistic Church
Jackson, MS

This is a tremendous blessing for all churches. I pray that all pastors would get this info.

Dr. Thomas Minter
Star of Bethlehem Baptist Church
Dallas, TX

Let all things be done....decently and in order. This is what StartCHURCH empowers and the word of God commands! Thank you Raul and Genel!

Pastor Tameka Buggs
Renewed Life Ministries
Indianapolis, IN

This session in Indianapolis was presented very well, in a clear manner and not rushed. I really liked the time given for Q&A all day long! FANTASTIC.


Cincinnati, OH

This is a true blessing from God. God has blessed us with help that has been hindering Churches and Ministries. StartCHURCH is that blessing.

Antonio Brown
Pray Without Ceasing Ministries
Chicago, IL

StartCHURCH has the wrong name! Every church I know needs this info!

Michael Wiley
Woodstock, IL

I have enjoyed and will so much continue to enjoy this new found fountain of great & meaningful help for our ministry...thank you...

Rico Ruiz
Koinonia Life
Winder, GA

The information provided is very interesting; I came out feeling motivated and challenged to share my knowledge that was obtained today to make certain that my church is in full compliance.

Lashunda Johnson
Enlighten Fellowship Church
Kenner, LA