This is a Conference Every Church Member Wants You to Attend

Most church members love their pastor and want him/her to be their pastor for many years. Your members want you to attend this conference because of what it will do to your thinking. You will leave this conference with a raised mindset that you are not only a pastor, but also the CEO of a corporation. That alone changes everything. Pastors want to lead with confidence, and more than ever, God's people need a confident leader that knows where he/she is going and is not afraid to get there. That could be you.

Who should attend this conference?

  • Pastors and their spouses
  • Chairperson of the trustee board
  • Members of the trustee board
  • Persons who sign church checks
  • Persons responsible for maintaining church records
  • Church elders and deacons
  • Chairperson and members of the board of directors
  • Church secretary
  • Church clerk