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Everything You Need to Establish Your Holdings Corporation

We are living in the most litigious time our nation has ever experienced.  The laws are constantly changing and they seem to continually become more restrictive and hostile towards churches and ministries.  We understand the step of faith you took in launching your ministry and the hard work it has taken to make it a place where lost souls can meet God.  We also understand that it has been a hard road before you in building the ministry’s assets.  Lawsuits against churches have become a constant threat and often the target of these lawsuits is the church’s property, such as buildings, vehicles, cash, and any assets that hold value.  It is important to rethink your strategy and use the laws to your advantage to protect what has been placed in your stewardship.

12,000 churches per year end up in court

Right now, there are over 1,000 churches per month getting sued.  That is a stunning 12,000+ churches per year. Churches today must have a proper response if they are going to thrive in a land where taking a church to court is no longer taboo.  Despite the litigious legal landscape of the United States, every year thousands of brave leaders venture out to plant a church.   While that is encouraging, many of these brave souls do it without perceiving the legal environment they will enter when they plant their churches.  Unfortunately, there is a high probability that the church will face some sort of legal trouble in the next five years.  Yet, though that fact is in the mind of many ministers, most do not have proper responses to not only survive legal trouble but also thrive.  The answer to that lies in a tax exempt, section holdings corporation.

Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves

Jesus gave His disciples a stern directive when He assigned the first-ever Christian outreach.  After anointing them to heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead, He also told them to be “wise as serpents and innocent as doves” because they would suffer legal persecutions in the hands of tribunals.  The church tends to get the part of being innocent as a dove right, but never really knows how to be wise as serpents within the context of what Jesus told the disciples.  He sent out the 72 and expected them to use wisdom (Greek word—shrewdness) to manage the legal persecutions that they were going to face.  I am afraid that this type of planning is not even on the radar of the church today. 

Part of being wise is using the law to protect your assets

The legislative culture seeks to limit the freedoms religious organizations have, but there are still regulations out there that provide great benefits to these same organizations.  One of these benefits can be found in section 501(c)(2) of the IRS code.  This is by far the most important aspect of the code as it relates to protecting your church’s property.  This section of the code authorizes the establishment of a holdings corporation with the sole purpose of holding title to property owned by a 501(c)(3) organization such as your church or ministry.  In other words, a holdings corporation is a corporation owned by the church, and its only purpose is to own the church’s assets.  It never does business with the outside world, and neither does it receive donations.  You can conduct the work of the ministry without fear of losing any of your assets because they will belong to a separate entity.  Imagine the peace of mind you can have by knowing that your church is in full control of its building and other property while keeping it out of the hands of malicious lawsuits!   

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As always, all of our customers are able to take advantage of our interest-free payment plan of $332 per month.  As a matter of fact, the majority of our customers have taken advantage of our flexible payment plan because it allows them to get their ministries off the ground without spending too much at once.

How does StartCHURCH™ help you?

We first focus by carefully listening to you and get to know your call.  We then follow your direction and vision. After all, it’s your call, your vision and your ministry.  We follow your orders, as you direct, to fill out articles of incorporation. church/ministry minutes to approve action, the incorporation, Tax ID Number, bylaws and more. During the process, we will give you help you list existing assets and as you lead help you safeguard them in the holdings corporation.

It is an honor to serve you!

A driving force of the culture of StartCHURCH™ comes from our founder and president, who believes that our greatest honor comes from serving YOU.  We have big dreams here!  With a vision to see churches and ministries all across America grow and prosper in all that God has for them, we constantly strive to challenge and expand your thinking in order to help you fulfill the vision planted deep within you.  Then, we provide you with the resources and services to make that a reality. 

Our service includes

As you direct:

  • we search state records, for the name and make sure it is available. We then secure it for you so that no other organization can take it 
  • we fill out the articles of incorporation with the proper language for a holdings corporation
  • You get our Ultimate Church Structure Software program that guides you in the management of all the church and ministry assets. 
  • We prepare specific bylaws you choose for the holdings corporation and include language to make sure that your church/ministry is named the parent of the holdings 

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