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God has called you to do great things, and you couldn’t be more excited to start! But the legal process of establishing a church or ministry can be intimidating. With so much paperwork and so many rules to follow, you can feel uncertain about taking your first step.

You want to be confident as you lead your organization. To do that, you need to start your ministry right. And starting the right way means establishing a strong legal foundation on which to build.


Don’t let the process keep you from God’s calling

We’re here to help you get it right from day one.



Protect what God has called you to lead. Most people are surprised by the legal requirements to start their vision.



We know you want your ministry to be above reproach. Our services give you the confidence you need to walk forward into your calling.



What could you do in your ministry with 150 hours? We can take the work off your plate.


Hear what pastors are saying about the StartRIGHT Service.

"We want to encourage you. Are you a church planter? Are you starting a ministry? Are you ready to answer the call of God on your life? Let StartCHURCH help you like they have helped us."

- Pastor Moses Anderson, Communion House.

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We're here to bridge the gap between the call of God on your life and the steps required to establish your ministry. With the StartRIGHT Service, you can protect the vision God planted in your heart, the members of your church, and yourself. You can pursue your vision without having to tackle compliance on your own. We will work with you to help you obtain the following:


The articles of incorporation provide a strong legal shield, ensuring limited legal liability, and protects you and your members.


With a FEIN you can open a church bank account. It also provides identification for your organization for business and federal purposes.


Bylaws outline the governing structure of your church. They also protect your vision, your ministry, and your members.


Essential policies and procedures help establish and protect your board of directors, volunteers, and those who lead your ministry.

Tax-Exempt Status

Getting federal tax-exempt status provides many benefits, including the ability to provide contribution statements to your donors.


After establishing your ministry, you can also create an ordination program and license and ordain ministers of the Gospel, including yourself.


Powerful, Cloud-Based Software Tools

The StartRIGHT Service is a bundle of software and services you can use to protect what God has called you to lead. With the purchase of the StartRIGHT Service, you will have access to five powerful tools: Launch Suite, Minutes Suite, Policies Suite, Tax Suite, and Exemption Suite. In addition to this software, you can use our FREE clerical services that will put a specialist to work for you in filling out the paperwork as you direct. This really is America's #1 church planting service!


Obtain 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status

For years, obtaining the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status has been an intimidating and challenging process to churches and ministries - UNTIL NOW! With the StartRIGHT Service, it has never been easier to obtain tax-exempt status. There are many benefits to obtaining 501(c)(3) status including

  • Exemption from federal income tax
  • Tax-deductible contributions
  • Exemption from federal unemployment tax
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Don't let the legal process hinder you from getting started. Get the confidence you need in three simple steps.

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Our consultants will handle the heavy lifting for you. Between state and federal paperwork, they will work closely with you to gather the necessary information to prepare everything you need.

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3. Lead with confidence

After collecting your completed documents from your consultant, you’re all set! You can do what God called you to do while knowing your ministry is protected.


Leading the way in the church planting industry
  • At StartCHURCH, we’re ministry-minded like you! We care about your ministry's success and want to encourage you every step of the way as you pursue what God has called you to lead.
  • Our team of attorneys, CPAs, and church planting specialists has helped thousands of churches establish a legal foundation to protect itself, its members, and the vision of the pastor.
  • We guarantee 100% approval from the IRS when you use our StartRIGHT Service, or your money back.


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