Kingdom Steward™ 3.0

Simplifying Your Church's Giving Management

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Features You'll Love

Contributions graph

Easily analyze weekly, monthly, and yearly data to identify giving trends.

Recent deposits

View recently recorded deposits for easy comparison with your bank records.

Contributions by fund

See a quick overview of current progress on various funds such as a building fund, missions fund, and more.

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Donor overview

Our donors list makes it easy to organize your donors and and export contact information.

Create donor profiles

Manage individual and business donor profiles with contact information and see historic contributions for each donor.

Send contribution statements

Easily create, email, and print giving receipts and year-end statements for your donors.

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Meaningful data entry

Track important details about each donation, including fund designations and tax-deductible status.

Monitor your deposits

Keep track of all of your deposits in one place to help with your accounting needs.

Generate giving reports

Sort and filter your contributions to create powerful reports for deeper insights on giving trends.

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Managing your donations, tithes, and offerings just got easier!

Donation management can be easy.
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Senior Pastor Michael Warrick

“The new Kingdom Steward software is the best for tracking donations, financial reports, managing your church finances, and has many other great features such as IRS compliant donation letters. I would highly recommend any new or old ministry to utilize this software!”

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