What You Can and Can Not Do with 501(c)(3) Status

Mar 17, 2022

In today’s video blog, we will talk about what you can and can not do with 501(c)(3) status concerning church organizations. A few hi...

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Learn How Ministers Can Save Thousands on Taxes

Mar 15, 2022

Hey, Pastor. How much is your time worth? When I was first married, I tried couponing for months. I finally realized that I was spending 1-2 hours a ...

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The Importance of Board Meeting Minutes

Mar 10, 2022

In today's podcast, our CEO Nathan Camp sits down with StartCHURCH's Founder Raul Rivera to discuss the proper steps to follow when taking...

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StartCHURCH Stories Featuring: Raul Rivera

Mar 03, 2022

In today’s video blog, we have the privilege of interviewing StartCHURCH Found Raul Rivera! Listen to the story of how God ...

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How to get $120K From Google Each Year

Mar 08, 2022

Read Time: 5 Minutes Today's guest blog was written by Andrew Spikes, CEO of Take advantage of the Google Grant for your church ...

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When Churches Fail to Comply with 501(c)(3) requirements

Mar 01, 2022

The most critical compliance question About once a week, a client asks me, "What are the benefits of being a 501(c)(3) for our church?" I gladly repl...

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Important Tax Forms Every Church Should Know About

Feb 22, 2022

Read Time: 5 Minutes The 2022 tax season is in full swing! If you are wondering which tax forms your church or ministry needs to file to stay in comp...

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StartCHURCH Stories Featuring: Revive Church

Feb 17, 2022

In today’s video blog, we interview Pastor Derik Kerber to hear the journey of Revive Church in Fair Haven, Vermont...

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How the IRS Views an Online Church Vs. Traditional Church

Feb 15, 2022

Read Time: 3 Mins In March of 2020, the world as we once knew it changed, and we had to adjust to the impact of that. It's now February of 2022, and ...

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