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Churches, Ministries and the SMLLC

Sep 28, 2023

Pastor Jenkins always loved having a soup kitchen. From the outset of starting his church, he ensured they were feeding the community. It was core to ...

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Church Planting In the Fog

Aug 03, 2023

Growing up in Florida early on, I developed a love for fishing. There’s something about being out on the Gulf of Mexico, with the wind blowing, ...

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Church Planting: Some Assembly Required

Aug 03, 2023

Like most children, I loved Christmas Day. Jumping out of bed and heading to see what gifts were under the tree was always exciting. Especially, the C...

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3 Steps to Planting a Church

Jul 19, 2023

I can still remember the season I was in when I heard the Lord call me to plant a church. I was serving on staff at a large church as their Young Adul...

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Make This the Last Down Summer

Jul 05, 2023

Summer. For many Pastors, this word strikes a cord of dread. Summer is the time when our church attendance goes down. Summer is the time when our tit...

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Seeing From The Mountain Top of Summer

Jun 05, 2023

Living in Atlanta has allowed me to live close to some mountains. I am never more than an hour from a mountain from Stone Mountain downtown or the foo...

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Summer Church Growth: A Complete Checklist

May 23, 2023

Summer can be challenging for churches as attendance and donations tend to dip due to people traveling. However, don't just surviv...

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Encourage Healthy Giving Habits

Apr 25, 2023

The act of giving is not just about funding the work of the church but is also an act of worship, obedience, and generosity. ...

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Why You Don’t Want to DIY Your Incorporation

Apr 11, 2023

As a pastor or church planter, you have a vision to make a difference in your community. Your heart is set on establishing a church or ministry that w...

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