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New Partnership Announcement

Dec 02, 2021

As of November 2021, we are excited to announce that StartCHURCH has entered into a partnership with Andrew Wommack Ministries, Charis Bible College, ...

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How Churches Can Serve Communities This Holiday Season

Nov 16, 2021

Read Time: 4 Minutes The holidays are a time of great joy and coming together with family. However, this time of year can also bring heartache and pa...

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Stewarding Your Most Important Resource

Nov 09, 2021

Read Time: 3.5 Minutes As leaders, we love to talk about stewardship. I think it's because we recognize the importance and gravity of what's been loa...

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How to Measure Your Church's Financial Health

Nov 04, 2021

Read Time: 4 minutes For years, I have worked in accounting, financial planning and analysis, mergers and acquisitions, and treasury. I have used man...

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How to Win with this Church Retirement Plan

Nov 02, 2021

Read Time: 2.5 Minutes Does your church have a world-class retirement plan yet? If not, it's easier than you think! Today, I am going to focus speci...

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5 Questions Pastors Ask About Church Incorporation

Oct 28, 2021

Read Time: 4 Minutes “The government has so much red tape. It really gets on my nerves! Do they really want you to win?”  Over the ...

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A Powerful Tax Break For Ministers

Oct 26, 2021

Read time: 5 min If you’re like most pastors I know, you’re not exactly in this job for the money. And we love your sacrifice, but we als...

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Two Common Mistakes Pastors Make with Church vs. Personal Expenses

Oct 21, 2021

Read Time: 5 Minutes Many pastors spend a lot of time digging into the Scriptures, caring for the church members, and sharing the gospel. However, fe...

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12 Steps to Plan Your Church Conference

Oct 19, 2021

Read time: 5 minutes Today, many Christians gather not only within the four walls of the church but also in other venues. With the vast capabilities ...

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