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Love and equip those in need

As the Body of Christ, we are called to meet the needs of those not only in our churches, but also those within our communities. Through acts of love, kindness, and generosity, we become the hands and feet of Jesus.

While generosity and benevolent acts seem to be a part of the Church’s DNA, it is common for many churches to give benevolence without a comprehensive plan. Because of this, we created the Called to Care Suite for ministry leaders and pastors to have a resource as they create and establish their benevolence program.

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A complete resource to establish your benevolence program
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What’s included in the suite?
  • 20 Essential assets for starting your program
  • Benevolence Policy Workbook
  • 17 Video lessons
  • Unlimited access to the software
Key topics discussed

Everything you need to know to create a compliant benevolence program

Throughout the Called to Care Suite, we will explore the keys to creating a program that helps your church fulfill its mission of honoring God through serving the physical needs of those in distress. These topics include:

Learning to Qualify the Need

Types of Benevolence Requests

Establish a Benevolence Program

How to Engage in Counseling Through Benevolence

Create Processes for Receiving Benevolence

Designated vs. Restricted Donations

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20 Essential resources for your program

With the Called to Care Suite, you will receive several downloadable documents that are all customizable for your organization. These documents include:

Benevolence Application

Benevolence Committee Members Chart

Benevolence Approval Letter

Benevolence Denial Letter

Benevolence Policy

Benevolence Program Information Packet

Benevolence Request Form

Counseling Policy

Donation Funds Form

Benevolence Mission Statement

Plus, several more!

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Called to Counsel

We know as a minister you desire to go above and beyond for people in need and help them walk through their underlying issues. We want to equip you with the best tools to engage people in holistic healing: mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical.

Within the Called to Care Suite, we will examine the Biblical call of a counseling ministry at the local church level. We dedicated an entire section to equip you with critical topics that you will face in your benevolence ministry.

Start establishing your benevolence program with Called to Care Suite!
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