Ministry Corporate Records

This resource has everything you need to know about taking and maintaining minutes at board meetings.

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Have you ever wondered how to take correct minutes at a board meeting? You don't have to wonder any longer. This resource has everything you need to know about taking minutes at board meeting and contains everything you need to keep accurate and reliable corporate records.

Get the Corporate Seal For Your Ministry

Did you know that the church is the second most sued entity type in America? Since the early 1990's, church lawsuits have risen dramatically. Litigators are successfully piercing the corporate veil at an alarming rate and going after its pastors and directors on a personal level. That is why reverend Raul and his wife Genel have created this new resource. After extensive research and hours of consultation with attorneys, a new 'Corporate Records' book was specifically designed for churches and ministries. The reason why so many litigating attorneys have been successful in suing pastors and directors is because churches are unable to produce records that prove they are operating as a corporation. Being incorporated is simply not enough. Courts demand that you operate as a corporation on a daily basis.

By following the steps in this manual, and by using the custom made Corporate Records Notebook that we provide, your church or ministry will have all of its records in order, and can prove that it operates as a corporation. The package also includes a corporate records binder, made of a high quality 1 and 1/2 inch steel ring, and is designed to hold five years worth of minutes. The corporate seal is made of stainless steel and will last a lifetime. Additionally, you will be able to keep all of your corporate records sorted by heavy duty tabs designed to keep church and ministry records in place. This is not a general nonprofit corporate kit, it is specifically designed for churches and ministries. Fill out the form on the last page of your binder to receive your corporate seal.

IRS Auditing Church Minutes

Unfortunately, the IRS is able to ask any church, at any time, to see complete copies of their minutes and all other documents it needs to determine if the church is operating in compliance. The IRS will review the minutes of the church, and all decisions made by the leadership, to ensure that they comply with the church's bylaws. The IRS wants to see that all salaries, pastoral love gifts, stipends, reimbursements and purchases (including benevolence distributions) were all documented in the church's minutes and approved in a board meeting. The IRS also wants to know if the minutes are properly implemented and stored in a safe place. The ministry corporate records kit stores your minutes by keeping a working copy at the church or ministry office at all times.

Buy Ministry Corporate Records now for $89.95

Buy Now for $89.95