Create Additional Income Streams

No longer do all the activities of your vision have to go through one organization. With Expansion Suite™, growing into your future through starting a For Profit Arm has never been easier. Complete with step-by-step instructions on how to start such For Profit Arms as a Daycare, the Expansion Suite™ assures that your church is no longer limited with the finances received through Tithes & Offerings.

Establish A Daycare

Start and operate a successful daycare

Quality daycares continue to be a challenge for the average American family. Because of the influence that your church or ministry will have in the community, your church-run daycare can bring a sizable amount of income to the church and even pay for the church's expenses. This means that you can reach out to the children of your community while earning enough income to pay the church rent or mortgage! From policies and procedures to parent handbooks, budgets and marketing, Expansion Suite™ walks you through the entire process of establishing your childcare center.

  • Complete daycare marketing strategy
  • List of all needed state and county qualifications
  • Financial management for success
  • Facility selection and use information
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Creating A For Profit Arm

Generate revenue through a church owned business

The Expansion Suite™ was created to help pastors and ministry leaders all across America overcome the struggles they face every day. Many have watched their dreams and visions for the church fade due to limited finances. However, Expansion Suite™ challenges and empowers ministry leaders to dream big and helps move visions forward to fruition.

What is a for profit arm?

Under Section 502 of the Internal Revenue Code, a ministry can establish a for profit arm to help earn tax-free income by way of donations and dividends. Do you think this is too good to be true? When done correctly, a for profit arm can give you options that will empower your church or ministry to grow.

Breaking out of the traditional

Life is too short to be satisfied with the traditional, especially when there are "new wineskins" for this time and season. To add a for profit arm is to break out of the traditional methods used in times past and to begin carving a new way of doing church business. The days of churches depending solely on giving are over, and you can be one of the first ones to do it!

Wont the ministry pay unrelated business income tax?

Many have asked, "Would the church not have to pay unrelated business income tax?" In short, the answer is, "NO." The for profit arm is a separate entity. It is an independent business. The power is in the fact that the ministry owns 100% of the issued shares of the business. So, in essence, the ministry gets to control the business and reap 100% of its net profits as a non taxable dividend.

Add a for profit arm in eight simple steps

Expansion Suite™ walks you through eight easy-to-understand steps toward creating a for profit arm. You will find yourself enabled to not only create a new business, but to manage it properly as well. As an added bonus, the Expansion Suite™ offers real life examples of successful business ideas that will help to expand your dreams and visions.

Put yourself in a place of faith!

Most churches are stretching their faith by believing God for $1,000.00 in the offering just to pay church rent every month. Why not believe God for more? If you want the Lord to entrust you with a million dollars of income, you must place yourself in a position where you have no other choice but to trust HIM for a million dollars. A for profit, ministry owned, business is just the way to do it.

Asset Manager

Protect your church/ministry's assets

Managing and protecting your dream is now possible with the help of Expansion Suite™. This program follows a logical set of steps that will place all of your church assets under protection while maximizing your church's ability to engage in ministry without fear of liability. All you have to do is follow the steps detailed in this program.

Included is every document you need to manage your:

  • Church
  • Holdings Corporation
  • For Profit Arm
  • Community Development Corporation
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