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Simple Steps to Help You Grow Your Church

Jan 13, 2022

How does a church grow in numbers, bring in visitors, and keep them coming back for more? In today’s video, you’ll lear...

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6 Tips to Grow Your Church in 2022

Jan 06, 2022

Read Time: 4 Minutes As we step into 2022, it’s time to start dreaming about what God can do in and through the church he’s called you to...

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7 Things Every Church Should Do to Start the New Year

Jan 04, 2022

Read Time: 4 Minutes Every church needs a legal foundation that will support and protect all that God has given them to lead. In order to help shape ...

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How to Make 2022 Your Most Fruitful Year Yet

Dec 28, 2021

Read time: 5 minutes As you plan for a fruitful 2022, Pastor, it’s time to sift through your many hats and put on your business hat. We someti...

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3 Goals for Your Church in the New Year

Dec 16, 2021

4 Minute Read With the new year just ahead, it's the perfect time to set new priorities for your church or ministry, vision cast, and set expectation...

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Safeguard Your Church with an Annual Board Meeting

Dec 07, 2021

Read time: 4.5 minutes I love roller coasters. Once I was tall enough for the "big" rides, there was no stopping me. Arms high and eyes wide, I delig...

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5 Steps to Plan Your Christmas Eve Service

Dec 04, 2021

Read Time: 4 minutes Hi, my name is Paul, and without a shadow of a doubt, one of my family's favorite Christmas traditions is attending our church's...

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5 Questions Pastors Ask About Church Incorporation

Oct 28, 2021

Read Time: 4 Minutes “The government has so much red tape. It really gets on my nerves! Do they really want you to win?”  Over the ...

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Two Common Mistakes Pastors Make with Church vs. Personal Expenses

Oct 21, 2021

Read Time: 5 Minutes Many pastors spend a lot of time digging into the Scriptures, caring for the church members, and sharing the gospel. However, fe...

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