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Is Your Online Church Viewed as a Church by the IRS?

Jul 27, 2021

Read Time: 3 Minutes Answering the call of God to go into ministry is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. In the midst of th...

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Is Your Church Board Protected?

Jul 13, 2021

Read time: 4 Minutes Serving on the board of a church or ministry can be a rewarding experience for both the board members and the communities they s...

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5 Steps to Develop Vision for the Rest of 2021

Jul 01, 2021

3 Minute Read God wants to anoint and ignite our imaginations! Spirit-led imaginations and dreams see into the future. We could say it like this, Spi...

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A Daring New Model For Churches in 2021

Jun 29, 2021

The book of Acts shows us how the Church was born. It was in small groups. It was in homes. Now in 2021, the Church can exist anywhere.  What ...

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Is Your Church Ready to Expand and Multiply?

Jun 22, 2021

Is Your Church Ready to Expand and Multiply?  Author: Kristen Calicott  Read Time: 4 Minutes  Your pews are full, and people are sta...

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The Continued Digital Revolution

Jun 08, 2021

Read time: 3 Min What will remain after the surge to digital platforms by churches adapting to the challenges of COVID-19? Here are a few aspects tha...

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Cutting-Edge Social Media Tips for Churches & Ministries

Jun 03, 2021

Read Time: 5 minutes Social Media ministry and evangelism are taking the internet by storm. Is your church or ministry on top of the most recent tren...

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No Offerings? Here’s What to Do

Jun 01, 2021

Read Time: 4 minutes Pastor Jamal scanned the church financial report. It was red. Offerings had been down for a while. Inheriting church finances l...

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How Your Church Can Reach Gen Z

Apr 29, 2021

Read Time: 4 min When you think of the Church's future in the hands of the next generation, do you feel fearful or hopeful? Real talk. I know as Chri...

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