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Ever since Raul and his wife set out to start a new church, it has been their passion to share the difficult task of church management with ministers and ministry leaders. Taking courses at Bible college and attending church planting conferences are good, but optional, ideas. However, knowing and understanding the legal, business, and tax aspects of church and ministry is not optional, and getting it right is a requirement!

It is the founder's desire that every StartCHURCH blog function as a tool to help you grow strong in these areas. In each blog, you will find a wealth of information that will not only benefit your ministry, but might also help to keep you out of IRS trouble. The authors take time to research and write about the latest legal and tax changes happening in the world of ministry. They also address issues that affect pastors, leaders, and board members personally. Overall, the bottom line commitment is to empower you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.

Please take some time to browse the postings. With the collective knowledge and experience that StartCHURCH brings, coupled with applicable and encouraging feedback posted by the readers, you may find these blogs are more helpful than you can imagine!

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23 Apr 2017

CPA's Advice Cost Church

Raul Rivera

I met a pastor in San Diego, California a few years back at one of our conferences. He was attending the conference along with his church administrator. Upon learning that their church’s payroll might not have been done correctly, they approached me and asked if I would be willing to take a closer look at it. After I had a brief understanding…

20 Apr 2017

How to Handle Designated Donations Given to Your Ministry

Raul Rivera

Churches and ministries often receive designated funds for building campaigns, outreach programs, or benevolence. While these offerings are indeed a blessing, you may be surprised to hear that a large number of churches and ministries have difficulty knowing how to properly handle designated contributions. I think the primary reason for this problem…

06 Apr 2017

How Protect Your Church from an IRS Audit

Raul Rivera

For the past 6 years, Michelle has faithfully served as her church’s secretary. She has been a member of her church for the past 8 years, and between being a member and the secretary, Michelle has seen a lot of the good her church does. However, because of her position as secretary, Michelle has also seen some of her church’s “backside.”…

30 Mar 2017

IRS Wants Cut of Volunteer Rewards

Raul Rivera

During the week after the Easter service, Pastor Rick and his board of directors gathered to evaluate the success of their church’s Easter outreach efforts. The church started about 18 months ago with an average attendance of 85 people. They were pleased and surprised when the attendance on Easter Sunday nearly doubled. So many lives were changed…

26 Mar 2017

How to Protect Your Church Offering from Embezzlement

Raul Rivera

The sound of Bishop Jamal’s voice over the phone was heartbreaking as he reported the embezzlement crime to the local police. Only days before, the church announced that the fundraising for its building campaign had successfully raised $500,000 to construct the church’s new sanctuary and children’s wing. The church was going to…

23 Mar 2017

Can Churches Share Their Tax-Exempt Status? Part 2

Raul Rivera

In Part 1, we talked about the concept of putting other ministries under the “umbrella” of your church. Although it is a pleasant concept, the idea of a “church umbrella” does not capture the correct way to establish new branches of your ministry. What if your church is called to help plant other churches? Or, what if your church…

21 Mar 2017

Can Churches Share Their Tax-Exempt Status? Part 1

Raul Rivera

Many pastors believe that once a church has been established, any ministry started afterward can be “covered” by the church. This is often referred to as the “church umbrella” concept. When speaking with pastors at our conferences, it is not uncommon to hear a pastor say, “I want to start a new ministry, but I want…

14 Mar 2017

How to Legally Operate Your Ministry in Another State

Raul Rivera

It had been nearly 8 years since Pastor Michael started his church in Memphis, Tennessee. The years had gone fairly smooth for him and the church (not to say that they did not experience any bumps in the road). The church had experienced growth, and lives were changed in the process. Pastor Michael was now looking to expand and open a second location…

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