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Ever since Raul and his wife set out to start a new church, it has been their passion to share the difficult task of church management with ministers and ministry leaders. Taking courses at Bible college and attending church planting conferences are good, but optional, ideas. However, knowing and understanding the legal, business, and tax aspects of church and ministry is not optional, and getting it right is a requirement!

It is the founder's desire that every StartCHURCH blog function as a tool to help you grow strong in these areas. In each blog, you will find a wealth of information that will not only benefit your ministry, but might also help to keep you out of IRS trouble. The authors take time to research and write about the latest legal and tax changes happening in the world of ministry. They also address issues that affect pastors, leaders, and board members personally. Overall, the bottom line commitment is to empower you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.

Please take some time to browse the postings. With the collective knowledge and experience that StartCHURCH brings, coupled with applicable and encouraging feedback posted by the readers, you may find these blogs are more helpful than you can imagine!

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17 Oct 2017

When is the Right Time for Your Church to Build?

Raul Rivera

If it has not happened to you already, there will come a time when your church will need to build because of its growth in attendance. Many church growth experts believe that when a church grows to 70-80% of its current capacity, it will not sustain any more growth without plans of an expansion.  During this time, many pastors begin asking themselves,…

12 Oct 2017

Can the IRS Tax Pastor Appreciation Gifts?

Raul Rivera

“Well done pastor!” The driving force behind what pastors and ministry leaders do is a higher calling from the Lord to help those who are hurting and in need of hearing the good news of the gospel. One of the most beautiful things in the month of October is how churches and ministries take time to celebrate pastor appreciation.  Many…

05 Oct 2017

IRS Taxes Pastor for Salary He Never Received

Raul Rivera

This time of year we get an abundance of phone calls from pastors who have still not filed taxes or from those who feel they have prepared them incorrectly. Although ministry often requires pastors to “bring things to light,” I am amazed at how many pastors each year leave their taxes and tax-related issues in the dark. Many pastors simply…

26 Sep 2017

Should Ministers Opt Out of Social Security?

Raul Rivera

There is a difference between being a know-it-all and being someone who is well informed.  The former is a person who behaves as if he/she knows everything, when in reality he/she does not. The latter is a person who not only has a lot of knowledge about a wide range of subjects, but he/she also possesses the capability of asking smart questions…

31 Aug 2017

How to Become an Ordained Minister

Trey Lewis

In ministry, there are milestones that every minister experiences. For you, maybe it was when you first heard or felt the call of the Lord on your life. Perhaps it was when you preached your first sermon or officiated your first wedding. What about the day you became ordained? That is a big milestone every minister vividly remembers. However,…

29 Aug 2017

How Ministers Can Prepare for Retirement

Raul Rivera

Scripture admonishes us to continue to prepare for the future. For instance, Proverbs 6:6-8 teaches us the wisdom of the ant by telling us it gathers its food in the summer to prepare for the winter months.  The truth is that many Americans have no plan to live out the latter years of life known as the “golden years.” This is especially…

03 Aug 2017

Start a Church Without Attending Seminary

Raul Rivera

After a week of training, teaching, ministry, and healing, Pastor Ken felt ready to tackle the needs of his church with renewed faith.  He was on the road returning home from a week-long pastoral leadership and church management conference. He learned the essentials of developing leaders within his church, leading a church corporation, creating…

18 Jul 2017

Overcoming the Challenges of the 21st Century Pastor

Trey Lewis

As I travel the country to teach and train pastors about church compliance, there is always that moment during each conference when the reality of today’s world hits every individual in attendance.  The legal landscape for churches and ministries is one that can be difficult to traverse. Over the last twenty years, Congress and the IRS have…

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