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There are many ways that an organization can judge its success. Here at StartCHURCH, we measure our success according to how well we are serving people and making them feel honored through the compliance process. The most important score we keep has to do with people giving us positive feedback on how they have enjoyed working with us. Below is just a small sampling of the 1,000's of testimonies we have received from StartCHURCH clients.

They stuck with us and gave us great guidance and have helped us to make some really good choices.

Ricky Temple
Overcoming by Faith Ministries
Savannah, GA

Thank you, StartCHURCH, for ALL you do! Awakening Ministries has been successfully launched because of your stellar example of compliance with the law, your love for the " of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ" (Eph 4:12) in advancing the "Kingdom of his dear Son" (Col. 1:13) and commitment to excellence in attention to detail.

Mark H.

I received our 501c3 approval letter from the IRS for Edwin and Andrea Haynes Ministries on Saturday!!!! We are so excited!!! Thank all of you for being so effective and efficient in this process!!!! It took less than 60 days for the approval!! Glory to God!!! Please continue to keep up the good work of keeping all of us in compliance!!!

Apostle Andrea H.

Thank you so very much to you and ALL THE STARTCHURCH TEAM. We could not have done it without you. You made the whole process easy for us. I'm sure we'll be speaking with the StartCHURCH Team as we move forward. The work has just begun.

Don and Sue C.

You are very professional and clear in your answers. I thank you for your time and assistance. I would love the opportunity to meet you someday and thank you in person. I met Brother Daniel at a conference. He was exactly as I had pictured he would be. He is such a kind, knowledgeable person. God Bless you all for the work you have done for me!

Esteban C.

We greatly appreciate what you are doing for us and for the Kingdom. May The good Lord Bless every one of you. In Jesus name I pray.

James & Shohreh W.

I went to the NJ conference on 2/22/13 and it was so fabulous! I was able to meet and pray with Pastor Raul and oh my goodness...they even had my favorite cheesecake so I definitely splurged for the day! I think you all are wonderful. Everyone on your team from sales, to the people who answer the phones and the consultants have been so helpful and such a blessing to me. Everyone is so knowledgeable and I am always well taken care of.

Pastor Heidie A.

Thanks to all you guys and what you do to help churches get going on the right track. Blessing on you!

Daniel C.

Great and much needed information: I have been truly blessed since I have been receiving e-mails from StartCHURCH and it has helped me and others that I have shared StartCHURCH with. What a God sent opportunity to enable one to do things decently and in order and to bring glory and honor to the reputation of God our father. Also, to do that which is right in the sight of God and man. May God continue to endow you with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, to continue to pour into the Body of Christ!

Dennis D.

Blessings and thank you all for assisting me with God's vision and purpose for my life.

Tawanda S.

Thank you for your kindness and the love with which you have treated me so far in the process... this is what makes me trust StartCHURCH to guide us through such an important process for us.

Pastor Luis S.