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Malpractice Lawsuits Against Pastors

Nov 02, 2010

Counseling has always been an important part of ministry Counseling has always been an important part of Pastor Ned's ministry, so much so that he has...

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Fined for Seeking Christian Roommate

Oct 26, 2010

The effects of using church bulletin boards A single 31-year-old Michigan woman, named Tricia, needed a roommate to share her home. One day she posted...

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Ministry is Not So Simple Anymore

Oct 18, 2010

The complexity of ministry Have you noticed how complex the ministry has become? Very little about the ministry is simple any more. Long past are the ...

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Is Your Website Compliant?

Jul 08, 2014

The world wide web is where most people begin shopping In conversation with my realtor one day, he mentioned that over 75% of people now do their init...

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Credit Card Woes at the Church

Oct 13, 2010

Taking a church from 150 members to 2000 members In 1998, Pastor Russell Hodgins took the helm of a debt ridden, 150-member church.  Armed with n...

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When a Pastor is Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Sep 27, 2010

The devastation of sexual misconduct accusations One of the most devastating things a church can suffer is the pastor facing accusations of sexual mis...

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A Tribute to the Pastor's Wife

Sep 21, 2010

Give honor to whom honor is due Honor has always been important to me. Growing up in a Caribbean Puerto Rican household, I was taught from a young ag...

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The NFL Threatens to Sue Churches

Sep 13, 2010

A church Super Bowl party A church in Indianapolis decided to have a Super Bowl party during which they wanted to project the game on a large screen.&...

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Why The IRS Prosecutes Some Pastors and Not Others, Part 2

Aug 24, 2010

Should I be personally concerned? As you read yesterday's article, you may have had some alarming thoughts cross your mind.  I have had conversat...

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