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Ever since Raul and his wife set out to start a new church, it has been their passion to share the difficult task of church management with ministers and ministry leaders. Taking courses at Bible college and attending church planting conferences are good, but optional, ideas. However, knowing and understanding the legal, business, and tax aspects of church and ministry is not optional, and getting it right is a requirement!

It is the founder's desire that every StartCHURCH blog function as a tool to help you grow strong in these areas. In each blog, you will find a wealth of information that will not only benefit your ministry, but might also help to keep you out of IRS trouble. The authors take time to research and write about the latest legal and tax changes happening in the world of ministry. They also address issues that affect pastors, leaders, and board members personally. Overall, the bottom line commitment is to empower you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.

Please take some time to browse the postings. With the collective knowledge and experience that StartCHURCH brings, coupled with applicable and encouraging feedback posted by the readers, you may find these blogs are more helpful than you can imagine!

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29 Mar 2018

Can Churches Give Bonuses to Pastors?

Raul Rivera

To the average churchgoer and to one looking in from the outside, the pastorate may appear to be one of glamor. Typically, these individuals only see what pastors do on Sunday mornings. However, pastors, and those who work closely with pastors, know that the responsibility of being a pastor is far from glamorous. Pastors often work long hours that…

27 Mar 2018

4 Things Great Ministries Do

Raul Rivera

With the due date of Form 990 for most ministries quickly approaching, I have recently written several blogs emphasizing the importance of filing a timely Form 990. The previous articles discussed the associated penalties and consequences of not filing Form 990 on time, and I presented four steps ministries can take to ensure a timely filing of Form…

13 Feb 2018

How Much Should Churches Pay Pastors?

Raul Rivera

When a pastor is about to begin receiving a salary from his church, we often hear the question - “How much can my church pay me?” This is a very logical question to ask since many pastors who recently started their churches have no idea where to begin when it comes to setting salary. Most pastors simply want to make sure that when it comes…

01 Feb 2018

3 Ways Ministers Can Make the Most of Their Taxes

Raul Rivera

Every year, thousands of ministers overpay on their taxes because they are not aware of the special IRS tax rules for ministers. This is also attributed to the fact that many tax professionals are unfamiliar with the uniqueness of ministers’ taxes. It may be hard to believe, but the current tax code still favors ministers when it comes to their…

25 Jan 2018

What My Church Did Every January and February

Raul Rivera

As churches begin settling into the the new year, many pastors, church planters, and ministry leaders are asking, “What tasks do I need to take care of for my church early in the year?” I remember asking myself a very similar question when I was a young pastor in Florida. The unfortunate thing was that I did not really have anyone to turn…

04 Jan 2018

URGENT: "Oh no! We have no minutes!"

Raul Rivera

At the beginning of each year, almost all churches and ministries are preparing for their legally-required annual board meeting. This meeting is where much of the business and vision of the church is approved and put into action. A critical component of that meeting is reviewing your church’s prior board meeting minutes.  The truth is, churches…

02 Jan 2018

5 Questions Every Ministry Should Ask to Start 2018

Raul Rivera

The beginning of each new year is a time to look forward to the opportunities that lay ahead. It is a time to leave behind what we wish we would have accomplished the previous year and optimistically look ahead at what we will accomplish. With each new year comes a renewed sense of hope for something more, something bigger, and something better for…

28 Dec 2017

Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017

Raul Rivera

Did you know that in 2017 we published more than 120 blog posts? My guess is only a small handful of you were actually able to read each and every blog post. I get that - as a pastor your attention is constantly being pulled in a thousand different directions, and your time is valuable. For this reason, we always conclude the year with a list of our…

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