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Ever since Raul and his wife set out to start a new church, it has been their passion to share the difficult task of church management with ministers and ministry leaders. Taking courses at Bible college and attending church planting conferences are good, but optional, ideas. However, knowing and understanding the legal, business, and tax aspects of church and ministry is not optional, and getting it right is a requirement!

It is the founder's desire that every StartCHURCH blog function as a tool to help you grow strong in these areas. In each blog, you will find a wealth of information that will not only benefit your ministry, but might also help to keep you out of IRS trouble. The authors take time to research and write about the latest legal and tax changes happening in the world of ministry. They also address issues that affect pastors, leaders, and board members personally. Overall, the bottom line commitment is to empower you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.

Please take some time to browse the postings. With the collective knowledge and experience that StartCHURCH brings, coupled with applicable and encouraging feedback posted by the readers, you may find these blogs are more helpful than you can imagine!

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19 Mar 2017

3 Positions Every Church Board Must Fill

Raul Rivera

When pastors begin planning for the launch of a new church, they often think of the various people who will join their launch team. The pastors consider who will be on staff and who will be congregational volunteers. Pastors go to great lengths to ensure these people are positioned when the new church begins. But what about the church board? Are there…

23 Feb 2017

Why It's Important for Churches to Have a Plan of Succession

Raul Rivera

After his mother’s passing in October 2010, Pastor Joel R. Peebles, Sr., succeeded her and became the new church pastor. Since his succession, tension had been mounting between Pastor Joel and the board of elders. A year and a half later, the conflict had escalated. In April of 2012, Pastor Joel arrived to Wednesday Bible study (as always)…

21 Feb 2017

How To Change Your Church Name

Raul Rivera

Darrell is the senior pastor of a large, well-established church outside of Chicago. The church was created in the late 1930s, so to say the church was “set in its ways” would be an understatement.  After serving as the senior pastor for two years, Darrell sensed the Lord wanting to take the church in a new direction. This excited…

05 Jan 2017

How to Conduct a Better Board Meeting, Part 1

Raul Rivera

With each new year there always seems to be an overwhelming sense of hope. There is hope in what the new year will bring, and hope that the new year will be better than the last one. As a pastor, you likely have big hopes and dreams for your church in 2017. You have plans in place that are intended to help your church grow and reach more people. You…

05 Jan 2017

How to Conduct a Better Board Meeting, Part 2

Raul Rivera

In “Part 1” of this series, we discussed the topic of the annual meeting for the board of directors. While the beginning of the year is a time to delight in the opportunities ahead for the church, it is also the time that you should schedule your annual board of directors meeting. This post will teach you the following: (1) how a typical…

03 Jan 2017

6 Steps Your Church Should Take at the Beginning of the Year

Raul Rivera

“Five ... four ... three ... two ... one ... Happy New Year!”  The church erupted with laughter, shouts, hallelujahs, and exclamations of praise. It had been a great year for Pastor Carl’s church. Thus far, his church had made it 10 years. The ministry had a great team, a great space, a great congregation, and more passion for…

29 Dec 2016

StartCHURCH's 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2016

Raul Rivera

How many of our 115+ blog posts published in 2016 did you read? My guess is that there are just a handful of individuals who were actually able to read each and every blog post. I get that - as a pastor your attention is constantly being pulled in a thousand different directions. That is why we always conclude the year with our 10 most popular blog…

27 Dec 2016

Understanding Conflict of Interest and Your Church

Raul Rivera

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realize that you do not know as much as you thought you did? Such was the case for Pastor Larry.  You see, this was his first church plant and he had thought that he had things under control, until a recent lunch meeting with his mentor revealed to Pastor Larry that there is a lot more to the business…

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