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Not Just Tithes and Offerings But Also Ecclesiastical Entrepreneurism

Oct 23, 2014

Over three years ago, I engaged in a six-month study of the economy that God established for Israel and how the priesthood would prosper.  In the...

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Part 2--Why Many Pastors Quit The Ministry on July 5th

Jul 08, 2010

In my previous article, I wrote about the emotions and feelings that many pastors and leaders struggle with during the summer months.  Pastoral s...

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Why Many Pastors Quit The Ministry on July 5th

Jul 06, 2010

For many pastors the Monday after July 4th is a very depressing day.  That is the day when countless pastors feel the most abandoned by God and b...

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When Churches Violate Their Own Bylaws

Jul 01, 2010

On any given day, within the 50 states, thousands of churches are in court because of disputes between members and leaders.  These disputes usual...

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When Church Insurance Company Sues One of Your Members

Jun 22, 2010

Compliance with the law does not mean compliance with your insurance policy Edward started his Saturday just like he did every Saturday: he went to th...

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Called by God to Start a Church in Port St. Lucie, Florida . . . Now What?

Jun 17, 2010

  How does one start? When Pastor Alvin heard from the Lord to start a church, he responded with a strong yes, but he wondered how it would be po...

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Establishing a Scholarship Fund for Graduating Seniors

Jun 15, 2010

Investing in the Lives of Young Adults In what significant way could your church impact the life of a young man or woman who is graduating from high s...

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Growing Your Church the Old Fashioned Way!

Jun 10, 2010

Now that the summer season is fully in swing, many churches across America experience declines in attendance.  Due primarily to vacations, missio...

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The Federal Government Wants to Give Your Church Money

May 04, 2010

A Law that may actually help your church It seems that all I have been writing about lately is bad news!  For a change, there is some good news f...

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