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2 Financial Benefits of 501(c)(3)

Jul 05, 2018

There is one question I hear at almost every one of our Ultimate Church Structure Conferences: “Does my church have to apply for tax exempt stat...

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What Every Church Must Know About Helping the Needy

Jul 03, 2018

As the Body of Christ, we are called to meet the needs of not only those in our churches, but also those within our communities. Through acts of love...

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Another Victory for Free Speech

Jun 28, 2018

The Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday, June 26th, that faith-based, Christian pregnancy crisis centers are not legally required to advise women about fre...

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How Much Should Churches Pay Guest Speakers?

Jun 26, 2018

Churches regularly use the services and spiritual gifts of guest speakers. In fact, chances are that your church has recently hosted a guest speaker, ...

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City Bans Church from Worshipping in Coffee Shop

Jun 21, 2018

What if a zoning law could keep your church from holding worship services? A church in Maryland has recently found itself in a legal battle with the ...

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Is There a Difference Between Churches and Ministries?

Jun 19, 2018

Do you know that there is more than one way for your ministry to be classified for tax-purposes? Many pastors and ministries leaders are unaware that...

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Are You Ready For A Successful Youth Trip?

Jun 14, 2018

It’s summer time and we all know it’s a busy season for our youth groups! All throughout the country, churches are sending off scores of y...

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5 Questions to Ask Before Planting a Church

Jun 12, 2018

Is God calling you to plant a church? This is a question I believe many pastors, both young and old, are wrestling with right now, and perhaps you ar...

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Are You Ready to Change Your Community?

Jun 07, 2018

Recently, I met a pastor who clearly had a heart for his city. His eyes brightened and his tone quickened as he talked about all he wanted to do thro...

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