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Could Hearing a Confession Cost You $10,000?

May 30, 2017

As a pastor or ministry leader, are you familiar with your state’s laws concerning your responsibility as a mandated reporter? How about the rel...

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But I Told You That in Confidence!

May 04, 2017

Last month, Pastor Jason’s mentor (Rick) celebrated his last Sunday as pastor of the church that Jason is now leading. There were many tears and...

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How to Protect Your Church Offering from Embezzlement

Mar 26, 2017

The sound of Bishop Jamal’s voice over the phone was heartbreaking as he reported the embezzlement crime to the local police. Only days bef...

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3 Positions Every Church Board Must Fill

Mar 19, 2017

When pastors begin planning for the launch of a new church, they often think of the various people who will join their launch team. The pastors consid...

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Why It's Important for Churches to Have a Plan of Succession

Feb 23, 2017

After his mother’s passing in October 2010, Pastor Joel R. Peebles, Sr., succeeded her and became the new church pastor. Since his succession, t...

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Do You Really Know What is in Your Bylaws?

Feb 12, 2017

Have you ever used the phrase “hindsight is 20/20”?  The phrase means that it is easy to know the right thing to do after something ...

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Are You Sure Your Ordination is Legal?

Feb 08, 2018

Being an ordained minister has its privileges. There is the obvious privilege of preaching and teaching the gospel that ultimately leads to lives bein...

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3 Reasons Your Church Could End Up in Court

Feb 05, 2017

As we continue to press forward into 2017, our hope is for our beloved country to make a turn back to God and His Word.  Unfortunately, the legi...

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What Every Pastor Must Know About Publishing a Book

Jan 31, 2017

Have you ever thought about publishing a book? Perhaps you have thought about using some of your sermons to create a book, or you have felt led by the...

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