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Minister Told: Perform Same-Sex Wedding or Go to Jail

Oct 21, 2014

In 1989, two ministers of the gospel started a wedding chapel. In September of 2014, they formed an LLC, calling it Hitching Post Weddings, LLC. As a ...

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How to Count Tithes and Offerings

Oct 13, 2014

For approximately 11 years she embezzled funds from her church in Lexington, VA. Though no one ever suspected that she would take a dime from the chur...

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Help Me Start a Church and Put Everything at Risk?

Sep 23, 2014

How would you respond if the Lord connected you to a wonderful pastor you admired who was starting a new church, and that pastor asked you, "Will you ...

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How Pastors Misuse Church Credit Cards & What To Do About It

Aug 17, 2017

Understanding how to properly use a church credit card is imperative if pastors and church leaders wish to maintain financial accountability, stewards...

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Building Permit Denied; Church Foreclosed

Apr 17, 2014

Keypoint:  Due diligence when purchasing assets is paramount. It is never safe to assume that you can put a church in a particular location. &nbs...

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Pastor and Wife Arrested For Counseling

Mar 26, 2014

Key point:  Each state has laws that govern the reporting of the abuse of minors to the authorities.  There are times when a pastor thr...

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7 Life-Saving Guidelines for Pastors

Nov 24, 2015

Starting a church requires faith. No matter how much you prepare, you never feel fully ready or capable. You simply believe, and then you take the ste...

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1st Quarter Tax Calendar for 2014

Dec 12, 2013

Can you believe that 2014 is almost here?  Every year in January, our office gets tons of phone calls from pastors and leaders asking about tax f...

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5 Thoughts on Same-Sex Marriage and the Church

Jul 18, 2013

By now most ministers and leaders have heard that the Supreme Court issued a ruling on June 26, 2013, that will have far-reaching consequences for bot...

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