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Ever since Raul and his wife set out to start a new church, it has been their passion to share the difficult task of church management with ministers and ministry leaders. Taking courses at Bible college and attending church planting conferences are good, but optional, ideas. However, knowing and understanding the legal, business, and tax aspects of church and ministry is not optional, and getting it right is a requirement!

It is the founder's desire that every StartCHURCH blog function as a tool to help you grow strong in these areas. In each blog, you will find a wealth of information that will not only benefit your ministry, but might also help to keep you out of IRS trouble. The authors take time to research and write about the latest legal and tax changes happening in the world of ministry. They also address issues that affect pastors, leaders, and board members personally. Overall, the bottom line commitment is to empower you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.

Please take some time to browse the postings. With the collective knowledge and experience that StartCHURCH brings, coupled with applicable and encouraging feedback posted by the readers, you may find these blogs are more helpful than you can imagine!

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19 Feb 2017

Help! My Church is a Mess

Raul Rivera

Every day, pastors and church leaders across the country come to the conclusion that the administrative and business sides of their church are a mess. Take Jordan for instance. He recently took over the 22-year-old church his father started in Linthicum Heights, Maryland. The church initially started in the basement of their home when Jordan was 9…

26 Jan 2017

Tither Denied Deduction Because Church was not 501(c)(3)

Raul Rivera

In the case of Taylor v. Commissioner, Mr. Taylor was informed that his tax deductions were denied by the IRS, despite his legal counsel explaining that a church did not need 501(c)(3) status in order for him to get a tax write-off. He had given $8,647.00 to his church, only to discover later that these donations were not tax deductible. He felt that…

15 Jan 2017

Three Common Mistakes Made When Launching a Church

Raul Rivera

Pastor Zack had been a youth pastor for many years prior to planting a church. As the current lead pastor, he was doing a great job attracting new members and preaching relevant messages to a diverse congregation. However, he had very little experience with the legal side of establishing a church, and several months ago, he called our office with a…

12 Jan 2017

Important Tax Updates & Developments You Need to Know About for 2017

Raul Rivera

Year in and year out the IRS and other government agencies make tax-related changes, updates, and developments that affect churches. As a pastor, your time is spent studying, praying, and counseling while also leading and raising a family, and to ask you to keep up with new tax updates pertaining to you as a minister and your ministry is almost impossible…

10 Jan 2017

7 Things You Need to Know About Donor Giving Receipts

Raul Rivera

Lindsey, the church administrator, was exhausted. She had spent the past month sifting through envelopes, check ledgers, and scraps of papers from the offering basket trying to make sense of the church donations. The church never developed detailed receipts for every donation that it received. Instead, the church thought that it only needed to keep…

27 Dec 2016

Understanding Conflict of Interest and Your Church

Raul Rivera

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realize that you do not know as much as you thought you did? Such was the case for Pastor Larry.  You see, this was his first church plant and he had thought that he had things under control, until a recent lunch meeting with his mentor revealed to Pastor Larry that there is a lot more to the business…

20 Dec 2016

IRS Updates Mileage Reimbursement for 2017

Raul Rivera

Each year the IRS takes time to reassess the standard mileage reimbursement rates used to calculate the deductible costs for an individual who operates his/her vehicle for business, charitable, medical, or moving purposes. Because of this, it is important for churches to be familiar with these updates for 2017; especially since many pastors and church…

08 Nov 2016

Restricted Offering vs. Designated Offering

Raul Rivera

Oftentimes, churches and ministries receive “restricted offerings” for building campaigns, outreach programs, or benevolence. There are other instances when churches receive “designated offerings.”  You may be surprised to hear that a large number of churches have trouble distinguishing the difference between the two offerings.…

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