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Credit Card Woes at the Church

Oct 13, 2010

Taking a church from 150 members to 2000 members In 1998, Pastor Russell Hodgins took the helm of a debt ridden, 150-member church.  Armed with n...

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Why The IRS Prosecutes Some Pastors and Not Others, Part 2

Aug 24, 2010

Should I be personally concerned? As you read yesterday's article, you may have had some alarming thoughts cross your mind.  I have had conversat...

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Why The IRS Prosecutes Some Pastors and Not Others

Aug 23, 2010

Pastor, Church and IRS In the last year, I have written about two pastors that have been prosecuted by the IRS.  One pastor, Gregory Louis Clarke...

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How a Church Debit Card Can Cause Trouble

Aug 17, 2010

The convenience of debit cards "It's convenient and much easier than writing a check," were the words one pastor said as he swiped his card at a Chris...

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Can a Pastor be Guilty of Fraud for Selling His Own Sermons to a Publisher?

Aug 05, 2010

A conflict may exist between you and your church Many pastors are not aware that because of the United States Copyright Act, when a minister preaches ...

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You Have What it Takes to Make It

Aug 03, 2010

Three signs of good, healthy loneliness Chances are, if you have pastored a church for at least one year or more, you have struggled with feelings of ...

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Love Offerings and Bad Church Books Lands One Pastor and His Wife In Jail

Jul 27, 2010

The pain of change Though Bishop Anthony L. Jinwright wanted to make sure that his church and finances were right, he was reluctant to make the change...

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Excellence in Ministry . . . What is It?

Jul 22, 2010

 I get the privilege of working with hundreds of churches and ministries every year.  With that privilege comes the responsibility of lookin...

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Why Many Pastors Quit The Ministry on July 5th

Jul 06, 2010

For many pastors the Monday after July 4th is a very depressing day.  That is the day when countless pastors feel the most abandoned by God and b...

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