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Housing Allowance Ruled Unconstitutional

Dec 02, 2013

A District Judge for the Western District of Wisconsin ruled that the housing allowance violated the United States Constitution and then issued an ord...

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Answers to Important Year-End Questions: Part 1

Nov 19, 2013

For the next several Tuesdays I will answer important questions that many of you have asked in recent days, questions which all have an impact on end-...

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Excellent Advice on the Healthcare Act

Nov 07, 2013

The Affordable Care Act is now in full swing and nearly every person in America will be required under penalty of law to purchase health insurance tha...

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Foreign Guest Speakers

Oct 01, 2013

He preached a powerful message at revival services in McAllen, Texas. The church held a three-day revival capped off by a message on missions delivere...

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Before Anyone Writes Their Next Check, Read This

Sep 11, 2013

“Why do they do it that way?” I asked the customer who called our office.  He responded, “If the money goes through the chu...

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Church Cell Phones in 2 Steps

Sep 04, 2013

Back in the days when VCR's and 8-track tapes were a blessing, cell phones were rare and expensive.  They were so expensive that the Motorola Dyn...

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The Refundable Tithe Dilemma

Sep 30, 2014

Refunding a tithe or any other type of contribution to a church may have tax consequences for the giver. Moreover, the church needs to take certain du...

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Before You Write a Paycheck; Do This

Jul 30, 2013

  Not too long ago, I was in Charlotte, NC speaking at a conference.  During our morning break a pastor told me about the growth their churc...

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Pastor Ordered to Pay Taxes on Salary He Never Received

Jun 25, 2013

Imagine with me for a moment the moving scenario where a church pastor tells his board of directors to no longer pay his salary so that the church can...

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