10 Fascinating Ways To Generate Money for Your Ministry

Written by Kevin Camon on Feb 24, 2021 in Church Management

Small churches are called to do big things. However, raising money to support various projects, groups, and programs can be toughespecially with a small congregation.

When your ministry needs to increase giving, what do you do? When the church's offerings just aren't enough to cover planned community events, most church leaders resort to fundraising campaigns. Whether you're raising money for your general fund or your next mission trip, fundraising is an integral part of your ministry.

Many churches worry about over-burdening their members by asking for additional support. The secret to raising money for essential programs without alienating members is to offer fundraisers valuable to the people who support them. Each week, your members give a lot of their time, money, and talent to your ministry. Offering fundraisers that have value for both the donors and the church will help prevent volunteer burnout.

Setting Your Church Up for Fundraising Success

Before you get started, make sure you have the tools in place to make the most of your donors' efforts. Leaving out any of the following systems may cause your fundraising efforts to be ineffective. Many online platforms only take minutes to set up and allow you to offer donors a quick way to give online.

  • Offering donors an easy way to give online
  • Providing a way for congregants to share your church's cause
  • Offering donors the option to securely store a credit card on file for repeat donations
  • Collecting donor information and past giving details to build strong, lasting relationships

Do you want to create an easy way for donors to quickly and directly give to your church? Consider setting up a church website. If you need help getting set up online, we offer StartSITES and StartSITES Creative services to get your ministry website up and running without the hassle. Give us a call at 877-494-4655 or click the link below to learn more.

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Here are 10 fun, unique fundraising ideas that will help support your ministry

1. A Cook-Off

There are a thousand different ways to theme a cook-off, too. Chili cook-offs are a classic. But what about a BBQ cook-off? Or a baking contest? Contestants in the cook-off can donate an "entry fee," and people who want to sample the entries can buy tasters' tickets. It's even more fun when winners get prizes!

2. Church-Wide Yard Sales

How many items do you think your members have in their homes that they could stand to get rid of? Instead of throwing away their clothes, furniture, and household items, members can donate them to the church. Consider having a low-key gathering the night before the rummage sale to tag items and set up tables. It'll save you a lot of stress and energy the day of the event!

3. Pledge Fundraising

Pledges are promised support of donations to be paid and processed in the future. To get started with pledge fundraising, look for online or mobile pledge fundraising tools. I suggest looking for a tool that prioritizes speed, ease of use, and flexibility in its fundraising options.

4. Sell Engraved Bricks

If your church is looking to build or expand its facilities, you can start an engraved brick fundraiser to raise money! This fundraiser allows members to write a personal message on a brick that will be placed in a building, sidewalk, archway, or other structure. You can charge by the word or line on the brick and set up an online form for individuals to submit their donations. Then, host a ceremony once the building is complete!

5. Auctions

An auction is a fun and energizing, face-to-face church fundraising idea. Besides allowing you to engage with your congregants, it is also an excellent opportunity to network with local businesses by gathering charity auction items. Get the local businesses to donate a variety of items. Hire an auctioneer, promote the event, and consider catering food and drinks. You can also make the auction silent. Recruit local community members and congregants to create art and donate their work for the fundraiser.

6. Community Car Wash

On a sunny weekend, you can host a by-donations car wash in your church parking lot. Some gas stations also welcome this type of fundraising event. Providing this car wash service for the community is also a great way to meet people and build new relationships! Car washes take little to no effort to plan and set up.

7. Create a Church Cookbook

Have church members compile recipes into a unique church cookbook, featuring recipes they've created or been given by their parents and grandparents. Once you have enough recipes to fill up a book, you can pretty easily get it bound with pictures and neat type.

8. Parents Night Out

Choose a night where you will keep the children's department at your church open for the night. Offer to babysit children while their parents are out (e.g., Valentine's or just before Christmas for parents to do their Christmas shopping). Charge per hour or a flat rate.

9. Doughnut Sales

A fun way for youth to get involved in fundraising is by selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts. This company offers a 50-60% profit margin to support your cause, while the product itself is delectable and enticing.

10. Run/Walk-A-Thon For A Good Cause

Fundraising always requires effort, and sometimes it's physical too. Running a marathon shows donors you're willing to sacrifice for your cause, and it invites them to put in a little effort, too, by donating.


Church Fundraising can seem like a daunting task. However, if you approach fundraising with a different mindset, one of fun and stewardship, you can begin to see fundraising in a whole new light. With the right plan, good intentions, a few fun ideas, and the right people in place, fundraising can become a way to bring your congregation closer together, showcase your work to the broader community, and positively impact more beneficiaries.

While you move forward with your fundraising efforts, you'll want to ensure you are compliant with your ministry's books. If you'd like the help of an expert StartCHURCH Bookkeeper who truly cares about you and your church, give us a call at 877-494-4655 or click the link below to learn more.

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