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3 Crucial Tasks to Tackle in the New Year

By Christine Bove

As a church or ministry leader, you often find yourself burdened with numerous responsibilities, constantly saying "yes" to various demands. If you're a pastor, you lead your congregation every Sunday. For those involved in ministry, you are committed to visiting the sick, comforting those in hospitals, or consoling those mourning lost loved ones. Your willingness to say "yes" knows no bounds when it comes to advancing the Kingdom.

However, in these obligations, it's easy for crucial clerical tasks to be overlooked due to the emergence of other pressing ministry matters. These necessary clerical tasks might include the following:

    • Overseeing internal church documents and records,
    • Handling annual paperwork submissions,
    • Maintaining the church's financial records.

These three tasks are crucial to monitor, but time constraints limit their accurate completion. Not every task can be handled perfectly. Yet, when these tasks are effectively managed, ministries operate at their peak, relieving pastors and ministers of significant burdens.

At StartCHURCH, we equip you with the necessary tools, enabling you to continue saying "yes" to ministry while ensuring essential clerical tasks are not overlooked.

1. Keep Organized Records

Ensuring all your ministry's documents and information are easily accessible and centralized is essential to the effective functioning, legal compliance, and long-term sustainability of any ministry or organization.

Managing vital records becomes feasible when delegated to someone capable, but establishing a systematic approach can simplify the process for you if delegation isn't an option.

At StartCHURCH, we offer practical tools to assist you in organizing your internal documents. Explore our Minister's Corporate Records Kit for physical copies and storage solutions. Alternatively, you can craft your kit using binders or filing systems to keep your church's documents in order.

For those inclined towards digital solutions, we provide a range of cloud software tailored to various aspects of internal document management. In addition to a filing system, it's crucial to have a collection of operational documents and forms. We have curated templates and samples for many essential ministry documents to facilitate the process.

2. Keep Annual Paperwork Organized

Handling your annual paperwork is essential. Churches and ministries have specific forms mandated by the government that must be filed annually. Nonprofit organizations, including ministries, community development centers, or nonreligious nonprofits, must submit Form 990 to the IRS before May 15. Churches, however, are exempt from filing Form 990.

In addition to federal paperwork, there might be state-level requirements. You might need to file an annual report depending on your state of incorporation. Each state has distinct filing fees, regulations, and deadlines. Please meet these deadlines to avoid fees or even the dissolution of your organization by the state.

While filing these forms can be daunting, remember that you can delegate this responsibility. If you require assistance with annual reports, charity registrations, board meeting minutes, or updating internal documents, feel free to contact us at 770-638-3444. One of our church planting specialists will discuss your specific needs with you.

3. Maintain Organized Finances

At StartCHURCH, we've designed our bookkeeping service specifically for pastors seeking to entrust their church finances to experts, allowing them to focus on the ministry tasks.

We are eager to collaborate with you and your ministry to ensure your organization's finances are meticulously managed and organized. With our proficient bookkeepers, your financial records will be consistently updated, securely maintained, and impeccably organized, enabling your ministry to always operate at its optimal level.

With our bookkeeping service, you can:

    • Oversee mileage tracking and ministry reimbursements,
    • Access tailor-made ministry reports,
    • Keep track of deadlines with personalized reminders and a flexible schedule,
    • Benefit from an accessible personal bookkeeper for your inquiries,
    • And enjoy a range of additional features!

With StartCHURCH bookkeeping, you can embrace what you love most, such as helping others and spreading the Gospel, without worrying about financial management.


Get Ready for Your Best Year Yet

What tasks are you hesitant to handle? Which responsibilities could you entrust to your staff, enabling your ministry to flourish?

Our mission is to make this new year exceptional for you and your ministry. We want to collaborate with you, allowing you the freedom to fulfill your divine calling: loving God's people and stewarding His Kingdom faithfully.

StartCHURCH is dedicated to turning this vision into reality. Entrust those tasks you hesitate to tackle to us. We ensure every task will be executed with excellence, providing you peace of mind.

Reach out to us today at 770-638-3444 to discover how we can be of service to you!


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