5 Reasons People aren't Showing Up at your Church

By Matt Keller

Today's guest blog was written by Pastor Matt Keller of Next Level Church; Author of Donkey Mission; finding the purpose when life seems pointless! 

Can we all just admit the last 2 1/2 years have been tough! We, pastors and leaders in the local church, have had to work like crazy just to pull off Sundays and keep the lights on. In other words, we've had to play defense to survive. All while hopelessness and need are increasing across the communities we serve. The people in our cities have been through so much too, but with all they've been through, have you ever wondered why they don't show up more at your church? I know I have! If life's so hard and people are so hurting, then why don’t they come check out our church? I want to give you 5 Reasons People aren’t Showing Up at Our Church:

1. They don’t know we’re here. 

Said another way, our churches have an awareness problem. For most people in our communities today, church just isn’t on their radar. The truth is, so many people in our communities have never heard of our church before, even though they may drive by our building a thousand times. 

2. They don’t see the value in it. 

Put plainly, our churches have a relevance problem. For some people, when they think about church, they just don’t think we have anything to offer that will actually help them in their daily life. They envision a stuffy, old, rundown place with out-of-date carpet and songs from the last century and a “sermon” they don’t understand. For these people, no one has ever made the bible relevant and applicable to their everyday life. 

3. They’re Busy with Life, Sports & Activities. 

Our churches have a distraction problem. One of the greatest reasons of our day for people to not come to church is because our culture has decided that Sunday is as good a day as any for people to participate in sports or kids activities. Also, people love their weekends and luxury and leisure have never been so accessible as they are right now; boating, working around the house, staying home, hiking, adventuring etc. all take precedence over going to church.  

4.  They’ve had a Bad Experience Previously. 

In other words, our churches have a past experience problem. For many in this generation, sadly, church hurt is real. Many people grew up in churches where legalism and rules ruled the day, or they had parents who crammed “religion” down their throat. Maybe they got burned by a friend who claimed to be a Christian or got burned out at another church previously. 

5. No one’s given them a Compelling Reason to Come. 

For this last one, I want to declare that we have a FIXABLE PROBLEM!!! The truth is, so many people in your community aren't “anti” going to church, they’ve just never been given a strong enough reason to go from their Christian friends with whom they’re in relationship. Thankfully, that’s something we can do something about! But the truth is, it’s probably going to take more than just an invite card or Facebook forward to get people to overcome the obstacles we have been talking about and actually come check out your church. 

However, we have found a simple but powerful solution: If your church members will invest something INTO an unchurched person first that is helpful and adds value to their life, then they will be infinitely more open to come "check out" your church! 

Starting this September, your church has the opportunity to leverage a brand-new book called, “Donkey Mission,” (fun title huh?) to make it easy for your people to add value to someone’s life FIRST and then invite them to a series centered around the question, “What’s the Point?” The last two years have been BRUTAL for everyone but especially for those who are living without the hope that comes through faith in Jesus. So many in our world are asking, “What’s the Point?” & this book and the series provide the answers to that question for them. 

Because we are so passionate about helping churches stop playing defense and start playing offense again, we are making the book Donkey Mission available to churches everywhere for just $5 per copy! (That's 66% off retail!) Then, 2 weeks before the series begins, simply encourage your church members to buy 4 copies (1 for themselves & 3 to give away) to invest in their unchurched friends and family members. And here's the best part, it's ABSOLUTELY FREE for you! (other than the cost of the books which your church will recoup when they are sold) And we have everything you need to pull off a great series too! Graphics, message notes, video small group curriculums for adults, students & young adults, and so much more! 

Listen, I get it! I'm a local church pastor too and I just want to see local churches like yours grow in this next season like we haven't seen since before the pandemic. For more information and to register your church for FREE, go to www.DonkeyMission.com. 

People in your community want to come to your church, they just need a compelling reason to. This book & series strategy are just the thing to get them there! This next season can be your church's greater season of harvest, I know it! 

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