18 Dec 2018

An Exclusive Interview With the Director of Bookkeeping

Emma Voon

Between running a ministry and balancing family and personal responsibilities, life can be chaotic. Many pastors and ministry leaders wish they had more time to do what they really enjoy. Keeping track of finances is one of those things that’s necessary for your church or ministry to succeed, but it can also take up so much of your valuable time. 

At StartCHURCH, we’re always looking for new ways to serve pastors and ministry leaders. That’s why we created a bookkeeping service to help others manage their organization’s finances for them. 

To learn more about how this service can help pastors and ministry leaders, I spoke with the director of bookkeeping, Mandy Rice.

The heart behind the bookkeeping service

Emma: Bookkeeping is relatively new for StartCHURCH. How did we come up with this service? 

Mandy: StartCHURCH is always looking for the next way we can serve our clients. We listen to their feedback, so when they say, “We need help with this,” we don’t say, “Sorry, that’s not something we do.” We put the wheels in motion to get something started so we can serve them best. For churches and ministries, bookkeeping was one of the most requested services, and now we're doing it! We started with one client, and now we have over 300. We started with one part-time bookkeeper, and now we have 15 full-time bookkeepers on staff!

Emma: What’s the heart behind the bookkeeping service?

Mandy: The true heart of the bookkeeping service is taking the financial part of a pastor’s workload (that is typically un-enjoyable and intimidating) off their plate, and letting them know there is somebody that can handle it for them—quickly, effectively, and accurately. We want them to focus on the things they have been called to. 

Emma: What do you think sets StartCHURCH apart from other bookkeeping companies?

Mandy: There are a lot of bookkeeping services out there. That’s something we considered when we decided to launch the service. But we have the unique opportunity to serve nonprofits because of the compliance nature of our business. We have a team of experts in the room right next to us. So, if anything comes up regarding compliance issues, we can ask our StartCHURCH specialists next door. We not only look at bookkeeping through the lens of standard bookkeeping procedures, but through the lens of compliance as well. 

Here's a good example of that: 

We have a new client, and we are getting to know how they spend their funds. We look at their account and see a charge for BP Gas Station. Then we take a look at their assets. If they don't own a church vehicle, then we know we need to address the gas expense from a compliance standpoint. Gas is a unique situation, where, if you are filling up a gas tank on a church credit card, then it has to be for a church vehicle. According to IRS nonprofit protocol, putting gas in any other vehicle must be reimbursed. 

This is one example of the many transactions we see on a daily basis that make us double check if it's accurate and if it's compliant. 

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Emma: How have our clients been changed through this service?

Mandy: There's no mind-blowing statistic, but the sigh of relief we hear from our clients tells us we're making a difference in their lives. One example that comes to mind:one of our bookkeepers recently detected two instances of fraud for two different clients. Our clients don’t have to worry about their finances because we are looking out for anything out of the norm.

Emma: What do you hear clients say about StartCHURCH bookkeeping service the most?

Mandy: Every time I talk to our bookkeeping customers and mention their bookkeeper's name, I always hear, “Oh, Tracey! I love her!” or “Oh my goodness, Alyssa and I are like sisters!” I’m not exaggerating when I say our clients love our team. I love my team! But I think they may love them a little more. They really love their bookkeepers and really feel 100% taken care of. They feel swaddled in financial assistance. 

Emma: So, we know what clients love about the service, but as the director, what do you love most about the bookkeeping service?

Mandy: I love knowing that what I'm doing is helping grow the Kingdom of God. Pastors are the hands and feet of the Church. They do the going and the reaching, but we are the lungs. We keep church leaders breathing easy. I also love coming alongside my team and making sure they have everything they need to provide their clients with the best possible bookkeeping experience.

Experience the StartCHURCH difference

At StartCHURCH, we understand how busy your life can be. We created our bookkeeping service to take organization finances off your plate, so you can do what you’re really passionate about. Who wouldn't want more time to focus on their ministry and doing the things they love? 

Whether your church is just starting out, or if you’ve been operating for the past 20 years, we’d love to help you manage your church’s finances. Learn more about our bookkeeping service by calling us at: 877-494-4655  

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