Blessings of Good Stewardship

Written by Mariel Villarreal on Mar 04, 2021 in Pastoral Helps

Running a church or ministry is not for the faint of heart. Along with leading those God has called you to minister to, you have to handle the legal, administrative, and financial sides of your role as well. The juggling act can lead to stress and burnout. On the other hand, good stewardship can lead to a flow of blessings and increase with added peace of mind.

We recently sat down with NewGrace of Commerce, Georgia, to hear their story of how partnering with StartCHURCH has impacted their church and leadership team.

"Stewardship is extremely important. We thought that if we could add a couple of layers of protection and improve that accountability, that would be something God would bless. He says in His word that he takes stewardship pretty seriously. As managers of what God is doing financially with people's money, we wanted to make sure we put the right things in place."
- Pastor Derek Anglin, NewGrace

The Story of NewGrace

NewGrace solely exists so everyone in their community, locally, nationally, and eventually globally, can see the new life that Jesus promises.

In the fall of 2012, Pastors Derek and Ashley Anglin began meeting with a launch team of 15 people. A few short months later, in February 2013, NewGrace began with its first service at the local theater with over 140 people in attendance.

Since that time, NewGrace has seen tremendous growth. Even over the challenging last year, the church began to expand in new ways. Pastor Derek says,

"During the pandemic, we closed doors for a little bit and launched our online campus. We got our church out the door to serve our local community and reach many kids in difficult situations. It was amazing to see God use us in new ways to reach our city through hands-on, loving-people ministry."

As they have experienced exponential growth, the need for excellent financial stewardship has increased.

"We heard about StartCHURCH initially because we wanted a better handle on the accountability of our finances. We all wear a bunch of different hats in ministry. Anything we can do to not have to do everything, we want to take that opportunity," says Michael Jones, NewGrace Technical Director.

"After a few phone calls and conversations, it was kind of a no-brainer. It was like; we need this! This is a God-thing. God is going to bless us by coordinating with this and allowing this to be implemented into what we're doing. This is something God's going to smile upon, and He did in a big way," says Pastor Derek.

"I would definitely recommend any church or ministry that is serious about stewardship and serious about vision to partner with StartCHURCH. You're adding another layer of eyes of accountability. You're creating a level of transparency with your congregation and the corporate aspects of the entity. We've got God's word on that that he's going to bless that. He's blessed it tremendously for us here at NewGrace. Things have improved, provision has increased, [and we have more] confidence in decision-making."

When looking to the future, they are hoping for more growth to make an impact not only locally but globally. Pastor Derek says,

"Right now, we are focusing on turning believers into disciples. Eventually, we want to launch leaders to pioneer a multi-site campus to reach more people with the gospel," says Pastor Derek.

Bookkeeping that Makes All the Difference

At StartCHURCH, we are honored to serve churches and ministries like NewGrace with our StartRIGHT and Bookkeeping Services every day.

Are you ready to grow in your stewardship of what God's given you to lead? We would be honored to serve you and your ministry. Our team of ministry-minded bookkeepers will take the heavy financial burdens off of your shoulders so you can fully focus on your calling. To learn more, please give us a call at 877-494-4655 or click the link below to schedule a call.


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