Hear Why One Woman Has Attended 12 Conferences

Written by Christine Bové on Aug 16, 2018 in Pastoral Helps

Working in the administrative department has allowed me to speak with so many pastors and ministry leaders. I love hearing their stories. Each one of them has a powerful call on their life, but their journeys are all different. 

Here at StartCHURCH, we are passionate about helping pastors and individuals start their organizations on firm legal foundations. We love to be encouraging and to walk alongside people going through the entire process of creating and building a whole organization from just a dream.

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Doreen Momans. Ms. Momans has been attending our Ultimate Church Structure conference for the past 12 years. Her experiences at the conference have impacted her greatly. I wanted to share her story with you.   

Christine Bove: What conference did you attended? 

Doreen Momans: I’ve actually been attending the Ultimate Church Structure Conference for 12 years now. Raul and the StartCHURCH team have been very knowledgable about the rules and regulations, which has been very helpful.

Christine Bove: What made you decide to start attending conferences?

Doreen Momans: I wanted to be up to date on the new laws and new information. I also wanted to learn about the 501(c)(3) status and to know the laws that were associated with it. The reason I attended was to make sure I am maintaining compliance as well as learning more about church structures. There have been major changes regarding nonprofits and churches, and I want to know what they are. I love the fact that the conferences are all encompassing for churches and nonprofit organizations.  

Christine Bove: What was your favorite part of the conference?

Doreen Momans: Unlike other conferences I have been to in the past, it never felt like the first priority of the conference was to sell their products. Raul and the StartCHURCH team really emphasize people and learning rather than selling products. You are going to use what you learn. Raul and StartCHURCH’s passion always keeps me coming back. 

Christine Bove: What have been some of your favorite memories attending the conferences?

Doreen Momans: I remember when Raul was just starting the conferences and there were about 15 people in the room. It has been so fun to watch the conference grow into a nation-wide schedule. I was there from the beginning to watch it grow. The passion StartCHURCH has for making sure that the churches are in compliance is what keeps me coming back. 

Christine Bove: How has what you learned affected how you run your ministry?

Doreen Momans: The conferences have helped me understand my own ministry, and through that, I developed a desire to help others. 

Christine Bove: If someone were thinking about going, what would you tell them?

Doreen Momans: No doubt--go there! Just know that any questions, comments, or concerns will be answered. The information will be clear and concise. To anyone who reads this, if you are considering starting a ministry or church, I highly recommend attending a conference, when it comes near you. If for nothing else, just because of all the information you will learn is very helpful and impactful. 

How can a conference help you?

It was an absolute pleasure hearing Doreen’s experiences of attending the conferences (multiple times!). At StartCHURCH we are so encouraged that through what she learned, she was inspired to build something of her own. That is our heart, and that is manifested thorough our conferences. Our conferences exist to inspire, to inform, and to ultimately encourage each person to pursue the call God has placed on their lives and to see that dream become a reality. 

While the initial process may be daunting and overwhelming, just know that there are people involved in every step of the process with you. You are not alone. For us at StartCHURCH, we love walking alongside people and making sure their organization has all of the right legal steps needed to make sure that your dream becomes a reality.

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