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Maximizing Your Church's Impact this Easter

By Nathan Camp

Easter is a special time for Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the triumph of life over death. However, it holds even greater significance for pastors and leaders in the local church: Easter represents an unparalleled opportunity to advance the Kingdom of God and profoundly impact their local communities.

With Easter fast approaching, this is the most crucial time of the year for churches to share the Gospel with the greatest number of people, many of whom are first-time visitors. Are you ready to break attendance records and make a significant impact?

Growing churches have learned to maximize Easter and make the most of this spiritual surge in their communities. It is not their size or resources that set them apart but rather their approach to the Easter season. After studying churches and church planting for years, the churches that experience significant growth during Easter have several things in common. Here's a quick list of the most important things they do:

Evaluate the Current Situation

It's crucial to recognize the times and seasons when the hearts of those in your community far from God are more receptive. Pastors of growing churches understand the importance of "lifting their eyes and seeing the white fields for harvest." In contrast, pastors of non-growing churches often fail to recognize the moment they are in.

This year, you can join the ranks of pastors who lead their churches to grow by recognizing your season and awakening to your church's opportunity to reach people for Jesus.

Mobilize the Congregation

The power of exponential impact is evident in the scriptures, where one person can put a thousand to flight, and two can put ten thousand to flight. Imagine the potential impact if your congregation focused on inviting the local community to attend your Easter service.

Pastors of growing churches have learned to leverage the weeks leading up to Easter by inspiring, preaching, and leading their congregations to understand the significance of this season for the growth of the Kingdom. Use this time to turn up the evangelistic temperature in your church and remind your congregation of God's desire to use them to expand His kingdom.

Plan Engaging Services

What do you want attendees to experience, learn, and feel during the service? Growing churches understand that Easter is a time when many people who don't regularly attend church will be visiting. They plan their services to be engaging, relevant, and easy to follow for those unfamiliar with church traditions. 

Think through the flow of the service, including the opening, the message, and the closing. Consider using music, prayers, readings, and other elements to create a cohesive and engaging experience. Remember, an engaging church service connects with attendees and leaves a lasting impact.

Promote the Easter Service 

One of the simplest ways to increase attendance is to promote the Easter service. This can be done through Facebook, Instagram, your website, community groups and word of mouth. The goal is to create buzz and excitement around the Easter service to attract new members and remind current members to attend.

The Time for Growth

Breaking a growth barrier can be challenging, but God makes all things possible! Use this Easter season to take the first steps toward achieving your goals. 

At StartCHURCH, we believe in great things for your church this Easter season and hope these actions will bless you and help your church reach unprecedented growth this Easter to make a lasting impact on the Kingdom.

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