What are Church Bylaws and Why Do They Matter?

By Nathan Camp

We are guessing that your first thought when God gave you the call to plant a church wasn't about bylaws and what legal language is included. In fact, we would guess that wasn't your second thought, third thought or even the hundredth thought on your mind! But we are here to tell you today that your bylaws are incredibly important to not only understand what your bylaws are and aren't, what they protect your ministry, leaders and congregation from and the correct strategic language they should include. 

So what are bylaws?

Simply put, they establish governmental order and they show who you are, what you believe and what you stand for. They outline the authority that you, as a pastor, have from a legal and compliance standpoint and help you to understand what you can and cannot do.  Next to the word of God, your bylaws are the single most important documents in your church. 

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