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10 Simple Steps to Ensure Legal Ordination

Jul 19, 2018

What steps should a minister take to become ordained? When you do a Google search for “what does it take to become ordained,” you will fi...

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5 Myths About Starting a Church, Part I

Feb 17, 2015

There has never been a more exciting time in this young pastor’s life. He is full of vision and ideas for sermons, ministry departments, prayer ...

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1st Quarter Tax Calendar for 2015

Jan 06, 2015

  Can you believe that 2015 is here? Every year in January, our office gets tons of phone calls from pastors and leaders asking about tax fo...

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Minister Told: Perform Same-Sex Wedding or Go to Jail

Oct 21, 2014

In 1989, two ministers of the gospel started a wedding chapel. In September of 2014, they formed an LLC, calling it Hitching Post Weddings, LLC. As a ...

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Ministers and Public Insurance

Mar 11, 2014

Key Point:  A minister can apply to become exempt from paying the 15.3% self-employment tax.  Most ministers today that apply for the self-e...

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#1 Deduction Ministers Miss

Mar 19, 2015

Pastors all across America work hard and are underpaid. Statistics show that the average pastor is severely underpaid; more than in any other professi...

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3 Legal Steps to Take That May Save Your Church

Oct 17, 2013

Every year, I assess the legal landscape upon which the church stands and create a roadmap to navigate through it. We are no longer living in Mayberry...

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Start a Church, Then Get Ordained

Oct 14, 2013

The tears rolled down his cheeks as he told me his story at a conference in Boston.  In 1987, he and his wife started a church in their own house...

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5 Ordination Facts That Will Keep You Out of Trouble

Sep 16, 2013

This is a fact-based story Being asked to perform a wedding made Pastor Leavy feel honored, especially since the individuals to be wed were long-time...

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