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A Backslidden Minister In My Church

Aug 27, 2013

It never crossed Pastor Nelson’s mind that he would need to revoke the ordination of one of his ministers.  During the four years of hi...

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Do You Meet the Three Definitions of a Minister?

Jul 09, 2013

Is a teacher at a church-controlled school a minister?  How about a church treasurer or secretary?  Can they be classified as ministers?&nbs...

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Convert Honorariums Into Housing Allowance in 5 Easy Steps

May 30, 2013

The ride home from the airport felt unusually short.  So short, that I could not even recall the journey.  I had been too engrossed in my th...

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Public Insurance and Ministers

May 24, 2013

Key Point:  Many people think that if a minister "opts out" of Social Security  Section 1402 of the Internal Revenue Code allows a properly ...

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4 Big Mistakes Made Early in Ministry

Mar 13, 2013

When your ministry is young and small, few people ever notice it.  When you start a church  in your basement or living room, the last thing ...

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The Unshared Thoughts of Many Pastors

Feb 06, 2013

Sixteen solid months of growth for his church did not quell his concern that something may be wrong with the way his church managed its tax compliance...

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Urgent Housing Allowance Update for 2012

Dec 21, 2012

A question that often goes unasked and unanswered is, “Who actually qualifies for the housing allowance?”  Most people automatic...

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Can Conducting a Wedding Land You in Jail?

Oct 31, 2012

This is a fact-based story Being asked to perform a wedding made Pastor Leavy feel honored, especially since the individuals to be wed were long-time ...

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The Truths and Myths of Ordination

Nov 23, 2011

Every minister will forever remember the day they were ordained through the local church; it is a life-giving experience for both the ministry and the...

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